Cuckold Jokes...and Cuckold dating advice?

Hey all! I know this is a really oddball question but I'm wondering if anyone's got any good or interesting cuckold jokes. And I'm looking for some dating advice too. Hope this is the right section to post in!

So I'm looking for a joke. Maybe something along the lines of "A cuckold walks into a bar..." or knock knock joke or something of that nature. I've seen a some pretty funny newspaper comic strip cuckold cartoon. A new couple is about to have sex for the first time and the white man noticed something off. He asks if her previous boyfriend was black lol. She responds with "Yes, how did you know" while on her back, legs spread and her pussy already completely stretched wide open lol! Wish I could find it and add it here.

Ok, so I'm trying to woo some girl I met on okcupid located in my city that's got an interest in cuckolding. I thought a nice cuckold joke would get her attention and show my interest in cuckolding. I've actually messaged this woman twice before now, once expressing my interest about cuckolding, another time asking about her Sunday. I got a response asking about her Sunday :-/ No replies to my replies after that though.

I wondering if any guys or girls on here might have some advice for me on wooing a coy cuckoldresses to come out of her shell and go on a date. Should I be persistent? Or is that just a turn off? I feel like since I've messaged her twice now, it'd be wrong and just plain asshole behavior for me to pester her. Damn, but I've heard stories from female friends about guys who "were persistent" and got a date and more. I kind of look at it as a form of begging. Anyway, I figured if she found me attractive and interesting, she'd engage me. Why talk to me about something menial like a Sunday though and not the type of relationship you want though? Ok, I think I might have come to the realization that maybe I should try to engage her about other things other then cuckolding. Is she playing games? Am I doing something wrong? I should probably be more teasing and playful if I message her again. Hence, why I'm looking for a joke!

She mentions in her profile that "she wants a man that gets turned on by the idea of sharing, cleaning up, etc" "essentially a relationship where I can sex with other men and my partner gets off on it but doesn't sleep around" So she's not secretive, coy or prudish about her interest. I'd love some help pursing this girl. Any bulls in the bay area can have her to use anyway they see fit after I tied her down and get her in a relationship ;-) So I'm wondering, do any cuckoldresses that met their cuckolds in a similar ways maybe have any advice for me?