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Cuck Party

Ive heard master brag about this but he never took ,but when he did OMG its like a mixture of all the interracial porn he made me watch at once .. Im not gna say what i was on but i was intoxicated heavily and i never forget asking him what is this .. he looked into my eyes and said my INVENTION .. We was in a house and black men were walking around naked , just walking up to different people and taking off with them .. and some of the people would just drop to their knees and start sucking the guys right there ..i mean the hubbies and wives were sucking them .. not all of the black guys but it was one guy i know for sure i seen let like 4 or 5 husbands suck him with the wife and i also seen him fucking guys and i see another black guy tied up .. i see husbands that were tied up too .. it was freaking crazy .. he blindfolded me for like 4 hrs , i was very intoxicated , he put my ipad on and played music thru my ear phones so i could not hear anything .. i know i fucked 10 guys at least , i dont know how many times i was fingered or by who ..he told me calls it cuck parties ive been curious since ...i passed out that night barely remember when he took blindfold off .. or how we got home .. i beg him to tell me what happened that night or what i had took .. he told me all of the women were on it ... ive never seen anything like it or been apart of something like this .. im still in shock ... porn does not look the same anymore .. is this what this life can come to ?