Couple in new jersey..looking for a male(preferably black) to have a 3some with me and my girlfriend

Hey my name is chris and my girlfriends name is 25 she is 23..we live in northern new jersey..looking for a male (preferably black) to have a 3some with us..weve never done this before so this is new to us..feel free to contact me here or at my email address...couple4fun23 at yahoo
hey how are u? yes shes outgoing but usually only when shes drunk (which she plans on being when we do this)..but sometimes she can be pretty shy especially around new pretty laid back and so is she..this is our first time..weve talked about this for about a year now but usually we just joke about..not till recently have we actually talked about it and been serious..she still seems hesitant but she said she wants to try it..but i have a did your first time happen?? your place..hotel..his place? has it always been another man or has it been a female? were you nervous..was she? and did it bother u to watch her with another guy..thats my biggest concern..hope to hear from you soon..thanks