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Co-worker Fun

We are two teachers who went to a retirement party at a local bar and grill , to shorten the true story, she had some problems at home, many problems I guess. We were seated at the same booth side by side. We had talked several times only about school work. Moving on as the party time came to a end she asked me if I were leaving an I said yes because everyone was leaving, that is when she said I am going to stay and would I stay an talk. So I stayed and we had lots of drinks to the point that I said I am getting drunk and I need to get home safely. She begged me not to leave her alone so we sat in my truck an talked when she began to rub my leg and I pulled her closer to me and rubbed her tits until she could not contain herself. We both took off our pants an I drove my fat black cock deep into her pussy as she screamed out loud, if anyone was walking near could have heard her.Her pussy was very very wet but tight as hell as I keep drive deep hard and fast until I could no longer hold back from the feeling of my cock hitting her pussy bone deep inside her, The Hilt. I shot my load into her as she moaned with pain an pleasure. We now do it in the car several times a month.No hotel for us, just quick fucking in the parking lot.