Chastity- having to sit to pee?


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Not a chasity but wife told me I wanted her to get her pussy pierced and she did 3 times now my turn she said and got a huge hoop thru the pee hole and out the bottom shaft.. I was humiliating peeing and it would hit porcelain and pee would just run down and onto my balls. So only choice I had was to go sit to pee to try to control where the piss goes. It lasted about a year till she let me take it out.
i have been locked 24/ with rare exception. I sit to pee as a habit. Standing at an urinal and digging the apparatus out of the tidy whities is near impossible without drawing attention. Then, when you're done, the shaking never cleans enough. The drawback to sitting in a public loo is the clacking sound it sometimes makes against the seat. It is very humbling.


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Interesting. Will need to do a search on this. Imagine how much fun the designers of these devices must have.
Will depend on pennis size, cage model and size, really small ones like mine in a very small cage, makes it dificult, (not impossible) to peen while stand, so I do sit to pee. Larger models for guys w bigger tools shouldnt be that hard.