Caribbean Vacation

next July I would go with my wife in some Caribbean island to spend a nice holiday, with the hope that she can let go at least to a massage done by a handsome mulatto. I was thinking to go to Punta Cana or Cayo Largo but I'm 'looking for a nice Resort at least 4-star Hotel where topless is allowed in the pool and on the beach. any advice?


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My girlfriend and I will be going to Hedonism, but not until 2015. We were going to go in July when they have the interracial themed event going on, but she can't get her vacation during that time.
if you go to Jamaica try the fun club it's the old hedo, you will fing plenty of bbc who just love to do it with white women if that fails try the royal Decameron club the security guards will let you in as a visitor..