Captions: Christian Wives 4 Black Seed

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What do you think about a christian take & philosophy on the interracial lifestyle?

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  1. Mandingoman1972

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    Hi everybody my name is Eric, I'm a Canadian black man who has been screwing white wives as hard as humanly possible for the last, hmm 20 years already. I run a yahoo group that covers this material, but I have some captions I'd like to post here.
    This website kicks ass, by the way!

    I wanted to make captions husband & wife can study separately, or in detail. Many are meant to be funny, exaggerate real life situations a bit. But also to help married people be more comfortable with the idea of including interracial sex in their marriage, under very specific rules of course! I've been learning all I can from married couples, and their black sperm donors, collecting it all for my own special website, someday!

    I hope you enjoy, please share this material with your spouse (just don't email it to their work email!)
    Have fun, and think about it.


    This series of captions is my series called Christian wives 4 black seed.

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  2. Mandingoman1972

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    Still continuing the series... I like it!

    What do you think of this whole concept, and the captions?

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    being tempted as opposed to no resistance to temptation makes it all the hotter.