can't make this stuff up..

Is it electric, hit or miss, or can studs REALLY tell somehow when a married woman might be willing?

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Traveling home to Ct from NYC via train, kids were three seats behind/across and out of earshot, obviously busy withing their phones and games. Three younger 20 something respectable black guys sit in the seat in front of us, two with their backs to us, one facing. Between the seats, facing one is scoping Mrs, and trading flirty glances. they are talking etc,..wife is obviously enjoying it on the q-t. I over hear one say what's..**?..facing one says "that's a site where married people want to have sex, have a taste of black, I'm on it."..just loud enough for us to overhear in a subtle sort of way...while still trading flirty glances with wife..she's smiling trying to her interest on the downlow. she gives me this smiley glance knowing I overheard it too..guys got off soon after perhaps somehow having an inkling we were interested in exactly the same thing. Sometimes logistics don't quite work out, would have been hot to see her entertain one or more of them..but that same electricity is still always there, just bubbling under the surface. *How* they would have known to bring that up while being q-t flirty with my wife??