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Calling Your Wife

My wife was a nymphomaniac our new apartment was over a bar. I had a good idea after I left for work she would be going down to the bar to check the man out. I had no idea that she had contacted a few of them until one guy at the sewing machine store that was on the same floor as the bar asked me kind of an odd question.

He asked me what I would do if I caught somebody fucking my wife, my answer was I would do nothing about it. He told me that some men were going up to my wife's apartment I asked him if he had been up there he said no, the guy way close to 300 pounds the thought of him on top of my wife drove me absolutely crazy I told him would you like to come up to our apartment he said yes.

I told him I had to pick something up told him to go on up I would be back soon. I came back about 20 min. later this guy was the top on my wife who is just about 100 pounds fucking the hell out of her what a site that was I just love watching.