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I am a young Cameroonian, who wish to travel, I am raising money to be able to pay all my transportation need, for now I am still struggling to, I work as a servant in a restaurant and I also do some art work and sell them to be able to take care of my self..
I was raise by Rev sister, I am alone in this world
Sharing a passion as a Bull, I have been searching for couples, wife cougar mum who can support me, sponsor me, but I have been meeting fake couples and fakle peoples, with fake promises, so I decided to look for money and see if I can migrate
I do not have who can welcome me for some short time while I look for a job and better my life out there, so I wander if you can welcome a bull and house him for the time I find a job and make a living out there
while then, I will be happy to handle wife at home as her bull boy, I wait for your replies
thanks to all