Break you to fit me

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    I hate my girlfriend's mother's new boyfriend. Beth and I have been dating for a little over a year and everything was great, until that bastard appeared a month ago. In one month she went from being an innocent, submissive teenage girl to a sensual, curious young woman. And it was all because of her mother's new black boyfriend.

    I'm older than Beth. Her mother doesn't like me dating her because I'm so much older, but somehow she doesn't know I'm fucking Beth. And my god, the sex is amazing. Her tiny pussy is so tight, the soft patch of hair between her legs so beautiful, how softly she cries out, her sweet, wet mouth... I feel amazing after plunging into her then collapsing. We hold each other, sweaty, and just kiss. It is heaven. And she loved it.

    Then she overheard Damarcus, her mother's new guy, destroying her mom. She called me on the phone, just so I could hear. It creeped her out, hearing how loud her mom was, but she thought it was funny too. Whatever he was doing, not only was he probably breaking the bed, but he had to have been hurting her mom too. And he kept talking. I couldn't make out much of what he was saying, other than "Yeah" every once in a while.

    After that, Beth wanted me to pound her - for fun. I fucked her doggy style and kept looking down at her tiny ass, thinking about what it would be like to see Damarcus forcing his way into her. How he could take one of his giant hands and stretch it out across her belly, lifting her up, then with the other push on her lower back to hold her in place as he plowed into her. He's a huge, tall guy, maybe 6'6. She's a very petite 5'nothing - if he wanted to lunge into her, there's nothing she could do.

    That image never left my mind. Each time we fucked from then on, I couldn't help but cum thinking about it. And cum fast.

    But that's not the reason I hate Damarcus. I hate him for what happened an hour ago.

    Beth's mom is out of town and she's staying home alone. They have a small pool in their wooded backyard. It's great. When we have the place to ourselves, Beth enters the pool in her 32 b cup bikini and skimpy bottoms, but they don't stay on long.

    Today was no different. We got to making out quickly. We usually started in the pool and began fucking on either the deck or the grass. I would have to cover her mouth with my hand so her cries weren't heard; I don't know why I did this, because no one lived near by. Beth propped herself on the edge of the pool and I went under to tongue fuck her. Before I got far, she was tapping my head, pulling on my hair slightly. Alerting me to something.

    Suddenly, fear broke over me. Beth's mom was home. I'd be going to jail, because of our age difference. When I rose and turn around, a different fear washed over me.

    It was Damarcus. He was standing there, shirtless, looking down at us. He had a few tattoos and his body wasn't anything to brag about. Simply put, he had a gut and undefined arms. He was strong, there's no question, but not toned. In my eyes, an ugly bastard.

    "Your mom finds out about this and he's the one who'll be getting fucked," Damarcus laughed, pointing at me.

    "I should instagram this kodak moment. Send it to her," he said. Beth covering herself, pleaded with him not to. He didn't listen. He snapped a few pictures of the two of us and turned his phone to look over the pictures he had taken.

    "Got the pictures. Now, do I send them or not?" He asked, mockingly.

    "Please. No. Don't" Beth pleaded. She sounded near tears. I was too stunned to know how to react. What happened next, however, woke me up.

    Damarcus put the phone down, pulled his pants off and slipped into the pool. He was only wearing boxers. Boxers that failed to conceal a gigantic cock.

    "Let's play a game. Skinny boy here wins, I delete the photos immediately. He loses, well, I'm gonna need something else before I delete the photos."

    Beth looked at me, frightened.

    "Fine. Skinny boy will make a fine girlfriend for someone in jail." He joked and started to pull himself out of the pool.

    "What's the fucking game, asshole?" I shouted at him. He could easily kick my ass, but I didn't care. Beth was almost quaking with fear, she pressed herself against me, and I was both angry and confused.

    "Simple. She jacks us until one of us blows. The first to blow, loses." Damarcus said.

    Beth looked at me, still frightened. I couldn't read her face.

    "What happens if I lose?" I asked.

    "Don't lose," Damarcus said. "It doesn't matter if I lose, because I win either way. But you don't want to lose."

    He shot Beth a look. He kept his eyes on her, an intense look, as he pushed his boxers off. She kept her eyes on me. We kissed and I lowered my swim trunks. She mouthed, "I love you" and kissed me again.

    "Don't get too excited, skinny boy. You don't want to shoot before the show begins," Damarcus laughed. He then, roughly, grabbed Beth's arm. She yelped as he twisted her around so her hand was at his cock. I watched her eyes closely and they grew as she felt him for the first time.

    "Big, yeah?" He asked. From the movement of his shoulder, I could see he was working her small hand up and down his long, thick cock.

    I was instantly hard. When she reached for me, I had to pull my orgasm back; suck it up, if you will.

    "Am I bigger than your boy?" Damarcus asked. I expected a smile, but he was serious. He wore an aggressive look on his face.

    Beth looked at me, trying to ignore him. It was all I could do to fight cumming. I closed my eyes and concentrated. God, I hoped he would cum soon.

    "Am I bigger than your boy?" Damarcus repeated.

    Beth kept stroking. Her hand felt amazing, but knowing that her other small hand was working Damarcus' massive shaft made me come ever so closer to orgasm. I opened my eyes to find her looking somewhere in the distance, past both of us.

    "Am I?" Damarcus repeated again.

    "Yes." Beth replied.

    I was going to cum. Hearing her admit he had a superior cock brought me to the edge. What she said next sent me over.

    "You're huge."

    I couldn't control myself. I never came so hard in my life. Beth instinctively kept jerking me, milking the orgasm. Damarcus, didn't say a word, as I expected. Instead, he pulled Beth's other hand to his cock, so she could properly stroke him. As I looked down, it took both her hands to wrap around his cock. It was easily 11 inches long. Maybe bigger. But its width was just as terrifying.

    He reached one big hand to her small breasts and pinched it hard. She stopped stroking and reached to stop him. His other hand shot up and grabbed her hand to move it back to his massive cock.

    "Didn't tell you to stop, baby girl."

    The pain on her face faded as he moved the hand pinching her nipple up to her face. He pushed his thumb into her mouth and whispered for her to suck it. To close her eyes and suck it.

    Then he looked at me.

    "The photos are deleted when I'm done with her." He said. He was honestly terrifying, right now. There was violence in his eyes. He scared the shit out of me. "And you're gonna watch."

    Damarcus looked back to Beth. Her stroking on his cock didn't seem to affect him at all. She even tried to work the head of his cock, something that made me cum all the time. But the head of his cock was huge. A mean bulb; like a small fist. He smiled, recognizing what she was trying to do.

    "It's gonna take a while for me to unload," he said. "And I'm not gonna make love to you, baby girl."

    His hand wrapped around the back of her head and he jerked her close. She cried out, startled.

    "I'm gonna break you to fit me."
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    It was great! You are writing the rest?
    Also could you tell her opinions about him before this event?
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    This is getting hot, do tell the rest of the story!