Brand New Cuckold Part Two

Brand New Cuckold Part Two

I was in the bathroom with my wife, Patty, helping her prepare for her black lovers Saturday night. She was in the bath, and I washed her back and her legs and arms and tummy. I wasn’t allowed to touch or big tits or pussy or ass, as it was made clear to me that was for black men only. I watched her shave her pussy, then told her I would go find slutty clothes for her to wear. She laughed and said that would not be necessary, as they were coming over here.

She informed me that her boss, her Dom, Johnathan, has a theory. She said that he believes that black men’s cum has lots of hormones and enzymes in it that helps to satisfy women, and make them feel mellow and fulfilled after fucking. He believes that it has a similar effect on white men, making them more accepting and submissive. She then said with a big smile, that I should expect a lot of cum. She continued to smile as I stared at her. I ask if she meant more than just cleaning the cum from her, and she chuckled and said I would see.

Patty and I have been told, by her boss, that when we are home in the presence of black men, we both must be totally naked. In her case, for easy access, and in my case, so that everybody can see my reaction to things that happen to her. She suggested that I trim down my pubic hair, which I then did. Not shaved, but really short.

When the doorbell rang, I answered it, opening the door and letting them in. Johnathan came in first, then five other black guys, all from Patty’s work at the warehouse. He grabbed Patty immediately after coming in, fondling her tits and giving her a long french kiss which she eagerly returned. When he felt her pussy and told her it was really nice and smooth, I couldn’t help but get a hard on, which the others noticed.

We went into the bedroom. Johnathan told me to stay near my wife at all times. I nodded, which caused him to slap my ass hard, so I said “yes” out loud. He said anytime he is with her, he always gets her cunt first, and if I am there, I am to take his cock in my hand and guide him into my wife’s pussy. Patty was already on the bed with her legs spread open wide, her shaved pussy fully exposed to everybody.

Johnathan and the other guys all stripped naked. I could hep but notice how big they all were. All of their cocks were much bigger than mine. It was actually embarrassing. I stood there with my mouth open staring at their cocks. Johnathan just stood there looking at me expectantly. I suddenly got it, and took his big black cock in my hand and guided him over to her, and then into her.

He fucked her really rough and hard, bouncing all over the bed, sometimes even bumping her head against the headboard. I’ve never seen anything like that before, and at that moment, I realized why my wife had gone black. That was not something I was capable of doing. After several minutes, my wife screamed out an orgasm. I’ve never heard her so LOUD before. Whenever she would cum with me, it would be a soft moan if even that. I then fully appreciated my wife going black, and was very happy for her.

When she had her orgasm, my dick just got so rock hard. I wanted to grab it and jack off, but I knew that was not allowed.

Johnathan changed position with her several times, she on top, or doggy style, or pulling out and sticking his cock in her mouth then back in her pussy. I don’t know how many times she came, but it was several. What totally shocked me was when he pushed his big black cock into her ass and fucked her there, making her cum even with that. I have NEVER been in her ass. Actually, I never even thought about it.

Johnathan came in her pussy. There was a lot of cum. I have heard of heavy cummers, and this was proof that heavy cummers are real. When he pulled out of my wife, she put her hand over her pussy to keep the cum in. He must have previously instructed her to do that. I started to get down to clean her, but he stopped me and told me to use my tongue to clean him off before cleaning her.

I was totally shocked and just stood there until one of the other guys buckled my knees and forced me to my knees right in front of Johnathan. Having a guys cock on my lips or tongue or in my mouth was NOT something I wanted to do, but I knew I had no choice. I licked him clean, and even sucked the still dripping cum from his cock. My wife was smiling at me, and even clapped her hands together in applause. I saw that she was very pleased with me, and that made me very happy.

I was then told to lay on my back, and my wife sat on my face, draining a large amount of the cum from her pussy into my mouth. While she was sitting on my face, guys where sucking her big tits and rubbing her body all over. My cock was hard. I gagged at first, eating the cum from her pussy, but then got used to it and everything went smoothly from there.

When I got all the cum I could, and Patty got off me, the other guys then started fucking her. At some times, all of her holes were filled with black cock, but they were always moving and changing position.

Every time a guy came, I cleaned her up, even if it was her asshole. If they came in her mouth, then she would spit it into my mouth.

They each had her more than once. My wife came several more times, which was amazing to me. I didn’t realize she could do that. She never came more than once with me.

Not all of the guys wanted me to touch their cocks to guide them into my wife, or to have me clean them up, but for those who did, by the end of the night, it just seemed like a natural thing to do. I put their black cocks in my mouth and sucked as much of their dripping cum as I could, then licked their cocks clean.

Before this, I was very straight, never having any desire to feel somebody’s cock in my mouth, but I just felt sort of good about it after awhile, like it was supposed to be. So maybe my wife was right about the hormones and enzymes in black men’s cum?

Johnathan got me a black butt plug, in the shape of a black cock with a wide base, along with some lube for it. He said I had to wear it every day for several hours, pulling it out and back in at times.

They all got dress, including Patty, and they left. Before leaving, Patty gave me a big hug and kiss, andtold me she was very proud of me. She also said I could go jack off if I wanted. I wanted. I jacked off, my eyes closed, thinking of the image of black cocks in her beautiful, white, shaved pussy. I went to sleep, happy that I had pleased her.

End of Part Two