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born for the role

while sitting in my living room one morning waiting for my wive to get done giving her black bull his morning pussy i thought to myself looking back over the years how i was born for this role.
Right from the begining of my life it took form. When i was a kid i was a very fat white boy with a very small dick...so small it pulled back inwards making look like just like a hole an the fat so big it made it look like i have boobs. wasnt long before the black boys discovered my small dick an they loved squeezing on my man tits. i used to fight them off but it was to many of them so gave in.
the teachers was all black so they didnt mind what ever happened in class they was all for it.
black power was the way to be an white lived to serve them i learned fast.
they taught me being racist wasnt the way to go i ended up being beaten an used by the black boys daily an i soon became to like it. was nothing for them to pull down my pants an finger my fat man pussy hole...an they would lift my shirt an as they give my fat titties a sucking :D every one in awhile they get a white to suck em too while they humped her. wasnt long before they even had me sucking their cocks even if they couldnt cum yet they found it funny. so as u can see thats lead up to where i am now. here in a few my wive an her bull will be done an we have a breakfast for three.
well guess ill go check in on them i havent yet this morning but i been hearing alot of sounds coming from the bed room...as i look in im surpised to see my daughter an my wive in bed with him.
the bull is doin my daughter in doggy style while my wive is under neath sucking her daughters nipples...i gotta get in there im rock hard now i thought..so i walk on over an the bull tells me to get under an begin cleaning up as he fnishes ....his cum ozzes out of my daughters pussy an i open my mouth an suck it in licking her hole empty of his cum an i snow ball with my wive as his hot cum passes back an forth between us...then i clean his cock an suck every bit of his seed an swallow it. he tells me now that i gave you your breakfast its time to feed us ...he grabbed me an pulled me over top of him an squeezed my man tits licking around them an sucking them as he told my daughter to hump me doggy style while using her hands to cup her fingers around my man pussy finger me good like the white bitch of his i had become. my wive stroked his black cock as he fed off my nipples making them poke out so long from his super hard sucking :D then once he was done an his dick was hard he told me to wet it with my mouth so he could stick it in my white ass as my daughter an wive got their breakfast feeding off my fat tits ...he banged me hard smacking my head saying know your place bitch as i heard my wive an daughter giggle as they sucked on both my nipples making them tingle . after he had cummed in my ass an they stopped sucking me he told em to eat his seed from my worthless ass for they was white too an needed to know their place as well. ..he left after wards an we sat an enjoyed the rest of day waiting for next time.