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blacked behind his back

So to make a long story short....a while back my fiance and I decided that I would fuck a black friend of ours. It was a good experience but turned kinda awkward. We decided to look for a new "friend" outside of our everyday lives. After a few failed attempts we agreed that cucking just wasn't for us. This is where things get complicated.... we have a beautiful son who is at the age of starting school, he also happens to be a special needs baby. We both make great money and have planned on a private school that specializes in our sons needs. In order to get enrolled we had to pay a fortune and jump through so many hoops I felt like a circuits act. The final decision on enrollment comes from a board of faculty members but to get in front of the board the Dean must recommend you. During our last meeting with the dean before his decision he said there was only one spot open this year and he would like to see us at home to see the "real everyday" us. We set up a time for the next Tuesday and hoped that we could impress him enough to getthat last spot . Jeff found out a few days later he would have to be out of town for his job from Monday thru Thursday night the week of our home meeting with the dean, he tried to reschedule the trip and then the visit, neither could be. The dean was surprisingly understanding and said that he wouldn't hold it against us for Jeff being absent. So Tuesday rolls around and I'm getting freshened up after work and the doorbell rings. I open the door and there stands the dean and a very handsome muscular black man in his late 30's wearing black slacks and a polo shirt tucked in. The dean greated me warmly and introduced his companion, Mr Jacobs the head of the admissions board that we would go in front of if selected. We sat in the living room and began some small talk while my son played around us. The men seemed to love us, they played with my son and chatted with me about everything from the weather to our families and then the dug into our relationship a bit. All seemed to be going better than I could have hoped. As the evening was coming to an end I jokingly asked if I had made a good enough impression to get the spot in their school. The dean and Mr Jacob both turned a little somber and said that while I was a lovely host and had a beautiful son they were leaning forward another family they had met the day before. I was shocked at first then began to panic, I couldn't let Jeff or my son down. I asked what I could do to change their minds? What made the other family better? Mr Jacob started to speak and the Dean cut him off, he said that the other parents showed more willingness to go that little bit extra for their baby, the mother was a bit more friendly he said as I noticed them both looking me from head to toe like they had missed out on something. With that they turned and started out the door, the dean said you'll here from me by Thursday afternoon about my decision. I couldn't let them leave so I said wait....I'll do whatever it takes, anything, you name it and its done. They smiled at each other and came back in the living room and sat down on the couch and patted the seat between them. I sat down and looked back and forth between them. Without a word the both began rubbing my thighs under my skirt and leaned in to kiss my neck on each side. I couldn't believe I was letting this happen in our home with my son around the corner playing with his toys but I felt as if I had no choice. As they continued kissing my neck they began to unbutton my blouse and remove my bra. Mr Jacob continued to kiss my neck and began to rub my pussy while the dean pushed me back and attacked my nipples with his teeth and tongue pinching the one not in his mouth. After several minutes of this I began to relax and enjoy the attention. Suddenly I remembered my son and tried to get up and take him to his room but the two animals attacking my body wouldn't let me up. The took out his cock and slapped it on my face until I opened my mouth and started fucking my face like a mad man. Mr Jacob pulled me down until he could lock his mouth on my pussy. I got so turned on I began to fuck his face until I came. The dean got off of me and the two of them took me by the hands and led me to our bedroom I was wearing nothing but my black heels and black skirt as they pushed me to to my back they both removed their clothes. Mr Jacob had the body and cock of a Greek god, the dean while much older had a nice body and a large cock but not nearly as large as the BBC that I was staring at in excited horror. As they climbed on the bed Mr Jacob said you go first and loosen her up....that pussy way to tight for me yet. Mr Jacob lay on my left side and began to kiss my neck and nipples working his way to sticking his tongue in my mouth. I could smell and taste my pussy on his Jim as we made out. The dean spread my legs and moved up to place his cock at my pussy, he gently rubbed up and down the slit before pushing his cock in slowly. First the head then the shaft lil by lil. I don't thing Mr Jacob would have fit first with how tight my lips stretched around the dean's cock. He kept fucking me with slow steady strokes while Mr Jacob moved up to put his cock in my mouth. As I lay there with his srratling my face and fucking my mouth I noticed the dean quicken his pace. The longer Mr Jacob fucked my face the harder and faster the dean pounded my pussy. This went on for what seemed like forever, I was lost in the exctasy of it all and time meant nothing. I dealt the dean lose his rhythm a lil then his strokes went wild and he let out a loud groan and filled my pussy with shot after shot, he came twice as much as any guy half his age that is fucked before him. The second the dean got out of my pussy Mr Jacob went right to work on my tender stretched lips. He used spit and the dean's cum to get my hole slick enough to force just the tip of his massive cock up in me. He worked it in and out, up and down and then in and out til he could get part of the shaft in and then he began his assault. He pumped and pounded my pussy so hard the neighbors heard my moans and the bed creaking and banging the wall. I know they heard it because they were outside when the two men finished using me and I walked them out. But before that Mr Jacob fucked me for an eternity. Where it had hurt in the beginning it now felt amazing. I hadn't been that stretched or full since giving birth to the reason for these assholes getting to fuck me. As he continued to ruin my pussy for any mere mortal man I forgot all about the dean, until I saw him recording me in my bed with a black man fucking me into dilerium. As I was about to climax for the third time Mr Jacob began to tense up and unload inside me. It flooded my pussy and ran down my ass onto the bed. After it was finished I cleaned myself up a bit while the two men dressed. As we approached the front door I put my blouse back on and buttoned it mostly. As I followed them out the door the dean thanked me for a lovely evening and said he couldn't wait to have my wonderful lil boy as a student. I thanked him several times and teared up unable to contain my happiness. As I turned to walk back inside I saw my neighbor Jane and her friend Kate walking over from her back yard. They asked if was ok and who the men were. I told them and then Jane asked again if I was all right? I said yes why? She pointed at my shirt that was barely buttoned and the cum on the inside of my thighs. Then she said we heard you scream and moan, we thought Jeff was really given it to you then we saw the strange car and the screaming and moaning lasted for hours and the banging and slamming sounded like the house was being tore down. So then I told them the whole story and made them promise not tell a soul. I haven't told Jeff yet and our wedding is coming up and I don't know what to do. I hope every time we go to the school Jeff doesn't notice the awkwardness around the dean or our son's teacher.
Im just wondering do you want it again already? And if so when are you going to get fucked again? Your fiance wanted to be a cuck so now he is one. I think you should tell him and he will probably love it.


Real Person
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"Surprised"? You shouldn't be, it's the nature of the beast. Just look at the website you're on. With all of the comments that have been posted on here over the years, mine is no different. This place is the ultimate rest stop for black males and their white female fetish/fascination.
I didn't say I was surprised, I said I thought it odd that you seemed surprised to find fiction in the story section.
Are you saying, as you find the rest of the website to be filled with fictional porn, that you thought you might find some non-fiction in the story section and were disappointed that you did not? :confused:


Real Person
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...THIS section here is the same as the other sections...full of pretend stories. :rolleyes:
As it should be by definition.

I commented as a whole, in general, about the WHOLE website, so wherever I choose to put my "post", it doesn't matter.
You're not the first and I'm sure you won't be the last to post in a section that makes your post seem nonsensical.

I don't mean to rain on your parade mister black guy, and I won't ruin your fantasy about white women, but it is what is. Enjoy!
Not raining on my parade as:
a. I'm white,
b. the website seems to be more about white men having fantasies about their white wives and girlfriends having sex with black men or about having sex with black men themselves under the guise of being cuckolds, and
c. you couldn't possibly have an effect on my fantasies as they are what they are.