bi-racial bull new to site

I am 21 years old mixed race bull(half black half white) looking for more experiences in the cuckolding arena. I was a Bull for one of my friends when I was 18 and right out of highschool, started out having threesomes with him and his girl(he was white and so was she) then when he was on shrooms he confessed that he just wanted to watch me fuck her and that he was envious of my penis, but they broke up and Now im looking for more "experiences". I am like I said mixed race which in my experience gives me ALOT of oppurtunities to bring up the topic of cuckolding with my white and asian friends. It is well known in my circle of friends that I have a Large cock and it is often joked about that its because im "part black" and that I even act more "ghetto" and aggressive because of my Black DNA. If your in the Seattle area hit me up this is the first forum ive signed up for!! THX