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Best position ?


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Lot of white women would prefer being fucked from behind, and so too do hubbies. It makes them know who's the boss there, and also gives the bull chance to slap that ass and pull her hair back like he wants to rip it off...

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Yes, I think this is a very good position too. My wife had made the love with her black ex-boyfriend before me, in that position twice. The problem had been that her black boyfriend was so excited and he cummed quickly. Then Susan gave him oral sex and his penis became hard again. They coupled in that position again and fucked hard until she could get her orgasm. It took her only few seconds because she was so excited too. It was amazing because she left it go with a shout!
Her ex boyfriend could finish again! He was a first class male and he had an incredible virile power! I don't know how did he do because he could obtain a new erection only three minutes after his first orgasm!

Have you ever given at your wife an orgasm in that position?