BBWs & Black Men


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When it comes to sex, I choose not to discriminate. When it comes to women, I prefer not to, as it's wrong and otherwise to rude to turn a woman's pleasure down simply because her body weight and size don't match with yours. Which is why you've got to applaud Big Beautiful Women for the courage they have in this modern society we live in to step up to the plate and demand their wanting their own sexual rights just as everybody else has.

Our present society is a world filled with such negative caasting that overflows into the nether region of hypocrisy. We've gotten so addicted to pop culture that hardly do we see the true picture of life further form our noses. We instead prefer whatever reality the TV chooses for us to see, which in turn spills to how we look and admire ourselves before leaving our front door, and why. We've gotten so addicted to the over-emphasised imagery of skinny women that we tend to forget that such protrayal of women doesn't really exist.

Lots of times in years gone by we've all been taunted for our looks, our demeanour, but most especially by our body weight which in the eyes of bullying attackers is as a result of constant craving for food or anything related to it. I won't lie when I say that in my years of childhood I too have been the butt of such taunts, even though food was seldom a craving for me. Yet I preservered against my attackers, unfortunately for every one individual like myself who managed to live through such dark moments and still have chance to recall the memories, there's hundreds of others out there who're still suffering from such bitter bullying from their peers, and this includes men and women, most especially women.

Would some of you agree and such isn't true?