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Back in the 1980's...

We are a couple in our 50's who used to enjoy threesomes with Black gents. But since our daughter was born some 20 years ago my wife has lost interest in anything kinky. But I am still fascinated with the thought of white wives and girl friends being seduced by Black men in front of white men. I really get off on the contrast, especially when it's a young blond in the arms of an older assertive Black man.
My wife was only 20 when she sucked off an older Black man at an adult movie theatre in Passaic, NJ while I watched back in 1981. I had introduced her to the idea of IR sex via Obeah magazine, a kinky swingers mag from NJ featuring white couples serving dominant Blacks. I took her to the theatre to show her off and she wore a tiny little sundress that barely covered her shapely ass. When an older Black man sat next to her and whipped out a big Black cock neither of us could take our eyes off it. When he put his dark hand on her smooth young thigh my heart raced and she made no move to stop him. Before I know it he was guiding her face down to his crotch and she was eagerly sucking his cock right in the theatre. I'll never forget the sight of her blond head bobbing in his lap or the smug look on his face as she swallowed a load of his cum.
That was our first Black adventure and we had quite a few after that before we settled down to start a family. I have already posted some of my erotic stories here and will share some of our photos and real life adventures soon.
Bill and Renee