As Valentine's Day Approaches...


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February 14th is just around the corner. What better way than for most of you white hubbies to get your wife/GF something to show how much you appreciate your love for her, and also your dedication towards being her cuckold hubby. Nothing would make the wife feel better than you renewing her with a solid black dildo. It's just about every white woman's favourite toy. Something to remind her of how far she has come towards turning your white boi ass into the sniveling cuck hubby you now are... which is where you ought to be.

It is imperative that you keep the wife/GF's mind happy and afresh with the lifestyle of which now she is the reigning queen, and you being the page-boy/joker, are to attend to her needs along with that of her black bull. Whenever her and the bull are having a quiet enjoyable evening to themselves, you must remain somewhere within close proximity, ever on the lookout of with a listening ear for whenever you might be needed.

When you are required for clean-up duty, your white boi ass must report right away and have your mouth open and wide to receive that black cock when you should. When cleaning the wife's pussy, every trace of semen must be wiped off without a trace. As you're not the man who's going to be fucking her anymore, you're forever neglected to the baby's section of the house. Matter of fact, you're a tenant in your own home. The wife and the black bull are now the main owners. Look at it this way: the three of you are in a moving car. The black bull is the one in the driver's seat with the wife beside him, caressing his arm and shoulder and smiling at him. Whereas you're seated in the back seat, hugging your knees to your thighs, enjoying the ride.

A lot of hubbies may not know this but there's such a rush most wives have when they see their hubbies being totally submissive to their men. For some hubbies, at first they're stultified, amazed and even shocked by such blatant action their wives want them to perform, such as helping the black bull with his shoes, making sure his drink is prepared.. even when it comes to sucking the bull's cock after he'd done perforating the wife's pussy. There's some much masculine hormones standing before him that he too can't help but cower before the bull.