Anal Survey

Which best describes your first anal or what you wished your first anal would have been like?

  • Nice and slow, so I could relax and get used to it

    Votes: 26 29.2%
  • It slipped and it was a surprise, but I liked it

    Votes: 7 7.9%
  • Slow at first, but then rougher

    Votes: 16 18.0%
  • Total surprise and tried to stop him, but liked it later

    Votes: 9 10.1%
  • Didnt have a choice, he dove deep and hard and didnt stop until he came inside me

    Votes: 31 34.8%

  • Total voters
I had to share a vote for my wife. She didn't get a choice when her anal virginity was taken. It was fairly early on in our sharing lifestyle. my wife had mad all the arrangements for us to meet a friend in a hotel near by. As a tease I was tied up and could only watch as the fondles and teased each other. He had used several toys on her so he had oiled her up really well. He then rolled her on her knees facing me. He got behind her and stroked his cock from behind. He teased her and made her beg for his cock. as she begged, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back quick and forceful. She tried to scream, be she couldn't make a sound. You could see some pain on her face, but as he pounded harder and harder it gave way to pleasure.

To this day she hates anal if she is asked, but if it's just taken, she loves it.


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total turn on at first..thought of guy just probing ..knowing what he wanted...just it was so big!!!,,then I relaxed saying how well he gaped well he drove me nuts eating me...I turned myself on knowing I could not disappoint him...easy tender at first...then he flipped me on top of him..looking in mirror so spread..him rubbing my pussy..he took all of m!!!was hurting crying at end..but he continued...till he came in my mouth..broke off 1week later...newly divorced...loved my first big cock!! learned boys I learned!!View attachment 597651 View attachment 597652 View attachment 597653
Good little slut. Ready for your second lesson?