Amanda's Lust PART2

"Now get on the bed bitch...and spread your fucking legs," Leon commanded before Amanda even had time to catch her breath.

With Leon's salty taste in her mouth and his cum dripping off her hair, face, and tits, Amanda obediently crawled onto the bed and opened her legs ready to receive him. Standing before her and stroking his cock, Leon teased her.
"What do you want now...slut?"

Pinching her nipples with one hand, and rubbing her clitoris furiously with the other, Amanda begged, "Fuck me...please...I want you to fuck me!"

"Ohhhhhh mmyyyyyy ggodddddd," Amanda groaned as Leon pushed the full length of his cock into her cunt in one hard stroke. Feeling his big round balls slap up hard against her buttocks as his cock bottomed out in her cunt, it hurt, a lot, but she didn't mind.

Laying motionless, buried deep inside her as her cunt gripped his cock like a vice, Leon then teased her.

"Talk to me bitch...tell me what you want!"

Amanda had never been so excited, or felt so dirty and nasty in her life as she wantonly replied.

"Fuck me Leon...please...fuck my little white cunt with your big black cock."

With long, deep, and very slow strokes Leon began to fuck Amanda. Seeing the look of frustration on her face as he teased her, Leon knew what she wanted but made her beg for it.

"Is that how you want it bitch...nice and slow"

"No...please...harder...fuck me harder," she whimpered.

"What else you dirty old slut...what else do you want?"

Loosing any inhibitions that she may have had left, Amanda wanted Leon so desperately that she was about to cry. "I want to be your slut Leon...your dirty white slut...your cocksucking whore...I want you to use me and make me please you," she begged.

Increasing his tempo, Leon slowly began to fuck Amanda harder and harder. Moaning, groaning, and thrashing about the bed as he did, Amanda's whole body twitched as her first orgasm wracked her body. It was the biggest orgasm she'd ever had and it filled her whole being with ecstasy. As Amanda writhed with the pleasure rolling through her again and again, Leon gave her no rest and continued to fuck her.

Flipping Amanda's petite little body over was easy for a man of Leon's build and once she was on her hands and knees Leon roughly opened her white cheeks and plunged his glistening black rod into her from behind, doggy style. Despite the fucking she had just had, Amanda hadn't yet gotten used to the size of Leon's cock and the rough penetration in this position felt much deeper than before and hurt her once again.

Groaning loudly as the head of his cock pushed hard against her cervix, once again Leon was balls deep inside her cunt and Amanda was in heaven. Holding Amanda by her hips, Leon then proceeded to fuck her with the deep, powerful strokes that she so desperately wanted.

"Is that how you like it you like that you dirty old slut...hard...and rough?"

"Yyeeessss!" Amanda moaned.

"Why?" "Because I am a slut!"

"What kind of slut?"

"A dirty slut...a dirty...married...white...slut...a whore for black cock!"

"And how does it feel to have your cunt stretched by my big black cock?"

"Wonderful...I love hurts...but don't stop...please..."

Amanda couldn't go on. Another sexual climax swept away all her speech, and this one shook her to the core. As Leon pounded her cunt relentlessly with deep strokes, hitting her cervix with each thrust, her orgasms came quickly one after another.

It went on like that for so long that Amanda lost all sense of time. Losing count after her twelfth orgasm, her cunt was so wet, stretched and sore that all she could feel was a painful, burning, and very full sensation between her legs. Feeling Leon pull out of her, Amanda did not want him to stop yet and looking over her shoulder she was about to ask him to keep fucking her when she saw him reach for a tube of lube. Squeezing a large dollop onto the head of his prick, Amanda only realized what he was going to do when holding her by the hips he put the head of his cock against her anus. He was going to take her in the ass.

For Amanda this was as unexpected as it was new. She had heard about, but never considered or tried anal sex before; in fact she barely knew anything about it, except that it was dirty and nasty, and the sort of thing that only a slut would do.

"Ever been fucked in the ass before bitch?"

Amanda did not reply but merely mumbled something unintelligible and a moment later she felt the huge head of Leon's cock pushing against her tiny rosebud. Gritting her teeth and clutching at the sheets on the bed, Amanda felt the pain rack her body as Leon slowly worked the swollen, bulbous head of his huge black cock into her tiniest hole.

Despite the pain of Amanda's anal deflowering, not only could she not stop Leon, but she didn't want to. Almost blacking out as she felt inch after inch of his hard black cock being forced into her ass, when Leon then started to fuck her ass with the same deep, hard strokes that he had fucked her cunt with, Amanda felt a sensation that she had never felt before.

"Do you like that, big black cock in your slutty white ass?"

"Oh fuck, yes," she groaned through gritted teeth. "Don't stop...please...rape me...use me...hurt me...I love it," Amanda begged as she gripped the bed sheets for support.

As Leon's cock painfully stretched and filled her virgin ass, any further talk was cut off by Amanda's approaching orgasm. Shocked to find that despite the pain she felt, the sensation of being fucked in the ass by Leon's big black rod was more than Amanda could handle and she was climbing to orgasm again. Reaching between her legs and pinching her clitoris as her orgasm convulsed, she felt this one was different from the others, much harder, stronger, and longer.

Amanda had never experienced anything like it before. Aware that Leon was cumming at the same time as she was, she felt her ass grip tightly to his cock and her whole body shook violently. Feeling Leon's cock swell and twitch as his hot, thick seed spurted deep inside her bowels, Amanda started to cry.

Exhausted and sore, she was lost in the euphoria of what she had just experienced, and the countless orgasms she had just had. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined that sex could be so intense and exciting, or that it could feel so good.

Easing his cock from her now stretched and grotesquely disfigured ass, Leon went and poured himself another drink to refresh himself. Walking back and standing at the end of the bed, he looked at Amanda and then down at his cock and said,

"Now clean it slut...with your mouth...lick my cock clean and keep it hard so that I can fuck you again!"

Without even giving a second thought to the fact that Leon's cock had just been in her ass, Amanda slid off the bed and knelt in front of Leon. Tasting the mixture of her cunt juice, her ass, and his cum, Amanda slowly and carefully took her time as she licked every inch of Leon's cock and balls until they were perfectly clean. Stroking it and sucking it as she did, Amanda was delighted to find that it was still hard because she still wanted more of his enormous penis.

This was only the start of a very long evening for Amanda. For the rest of the night all Amanda could remember was Leon commanding her to suck his cock and open her ass and cunt for him as he used her over and over. On the bed, bent over a chair, on the floor, against the wall, face first against the window, and on the vanity bench in the bathroom, Leon fucked her everywhere he could. Despite her growing soreness, accentuated by slaps to her ass, thighs, and tits, Amanda rode wave after wave of sexual pleasure, punctuated by soaring peaks of ecstasy and pain as Leon used her mercilessly.

In her newfound role as a "dirty white slut," all Amanda wanted was to please this gorgeous hunk of a man in any way she could. She completely lost track of the time as she did so.

Finally, bruised, battered and incredibly sore, Amanda found herself standing near the door and Leon handing her her dress and panties.

"Get dressed, slut, and go home to your husband...I'm all fucked out."

As Amanda mechanically pulled on her panties and dress she suddenly remembered Richard. She could not go home looking like this. She was a mess. What would she do?

Looking desperately at Leon for support, "What will I tell Richard?" she begged.

"Tell him everything...he'll understand."

Dazed as she was, Amanda was shocked. How could she possibly tell her husband the truth?

Leon could see her hesitation. "Don't worry babe...just do me...he'll love every word of what you tell him...I promise."

Once more feeling the need to obey her master, Amanda stumbled out the door and into the lift. The night desk clerk gave her a disapproving stare as she walked through the lobby in complete disarray. Her hair was tangled and covered in cum, her makeup smeared, and her stockings ruined. Finding her car in the car park Amanda fumbled nervously with the keys and somehow started it.


Richard lay awake in bed, as he had for the past four hours. How long could Amanda be spending with this man? What could they possibly be doing for so long? He began to worry that something had happened to her.

It was nearly 3:30am when he heard the front door open and Amanda climb the steps to their bedroom. As she entered their bedroom he turned on the light.

"Oh My God Amanda...what happened to you?"

Amanda gave him a wan smile. A complete mess and as tired and sore as she was, she glowed with a strange radiance.

"Don't worry honey...I'm alright...honestly."

"You look like you've been raped!"

"I was, in a way...but don't worry...I let him...and I enjoyed it."

As she came closer Richard could see the dried cum in her hair and on her face and as the aroma of semen filled his nostrils Richard felt his penis stirring between his legs.

"My god, you're a mess...tell me...what happened."

Amanda slipped off her dress and dropped it on the floor but left her lingerie and shoes on as she climbed into the bed. Richard could see bruises all over her body and more cum glistening on her thighs. As Amanda lay down next to him the overpowering smell of male semen greeted his nose.

"Lick me darling, and I will tell you all about it" Amanda purred. Throwing back the cover and looking at his wife's puffy and swollen cunt lips, without hesitation Richard put his head between her legs and started to lick the wetness that was oozing from it.

"I felt like a prostitute waiting for him in the bar," she began, "but when he arrived I suddenly felt all warm and feminine and all my fears went away...I can't explain it to you...all I know is that it felt so erotic."

Beginning to grind her crotch into his face Amanda went on.

"After ordering our drinks Leon showed me off in the I was his was so exciting and it made me so wet that I wanted him to fuck me right front of everyone!"

Richard felt his cock throb to full erection.

"When we finished our drinks we went up to his room and he made me take off my dress and suck his cock, and should have seen was jet black, and huge...the biggest thing I've ever seen, and it filled my mouth and choked me...especially when he shot his load right down my throat...he was very thoughtful though and he saved enough of his cum to finish on my face like they do in the movies...don't you think that was cool, darling?"

Richard couldn't reply. He was too busy cleaning Leon's cum from his wife's vagina.

"And then he fucked me," Amanda moaned as pleasure once again filled her loins. Hungrily licking his wife's sloppy vagina, Richard gurgled something but she paid him no attention as she continued, "I wish you could have been there watch see the way he fucked me...and used me...he was my black lover and I was his dirty white slut...I have no idea how many times I came while he fucked and stretched my cunt...but he made me so happy."

Richard balls felt that they were about to burst on hearing this.

"Oh, and Richard...the best was when he fucked me in the ass...I told him I was a virgin back there but he didn't care...he fucked me really hurt, but I had the most wonderful orgasms I've ever had...Oh darling, you have no idea how good it felt to have his huge black cock stuffed in my ass."

Seeing how excited Richard had become from hearing her tell him about how Leon had fucked her, Amanda rolled onto her stomach and teasingly said to him, "now be a good husband Richard and clean my asshole too."

Richard was excited beyond caring as he put his face between his wife's ass cheeks and sticking out his tongue he began to lick her stretched and still dilated asshole. Surprisingly he enjoyed the taste of Leon's cum and he licked it up greedily. The real truth is that Richard was so horny that he would have done anything she asked him to.

When Richard had finished cleaning his wife's cunt and her ass he rolled her over and got between her legs. Entering her, Richard was shocked to feel how stretched her vagina was when he could hardly feel it around his penis, and despite his efforts to clean her out she was still full of cum.

After only a few short strokes his excitement took over and he couldn't hold back. As his semen erupted into his wife in thick spurts, again and again, he came longer and harder than he'd ever done before.

As they lay exhausted in an embrace, not speaking, finally Amanda touched Richard's cheek affectionately and said.

"Richard...before I left...Leon said he would like me to meet some of his friends who live near here...he said that we could have a party...and that I could be their slut for a whole night." Pausing to see his reaction, Amanda finished off, "and darling...he said that you could come watch...would you like that, dear?"

In a daze, barely comprehending what Amanda had just said, much less all the details of the nights astounding events, Richard's true desires were disclosed when he heard himself answer her.

"Yes...I would...I would love to watch you fuck them, darling."