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African beach scene


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I would spend my holiday there with my white girlfriend. ;) That would be great fun. ;)
Oh yes, it will. I keep getting offers from lots of couples out there who always talk about wanting to travel down to Africa, but they're worried they might not meet anyone who'd make them feel welcome and comfortable. This is just an idea I keep dreaming and I know its a matter of time before I turn it to something real.

We need to get more white couples down here and make it a hot swinger's spot! Though going to need more people who'd be interested in the idea too.


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First I'm starting with my blog. In time, that';s going to expand and who knows... I'll meet with other white folks wanting to travel down this way and bring them along. And later, they too can bring their friends along!
great blog dsoul my wife like it ,thanks
That would definitely be the destination of my choice for a very long time :)
Somewhere in Africa... an idyllic beach where the palm trees whistle in the winds of the sea... warm sand on my skin and plenty of black guys arround me. Sounds like heaven on earth :inlove: