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    Hi cuckj here would like some advice I know this black guy me and my girlfriend go chill at his house it turns me on the thought of him fucking my girlfriend she wears short dresses and shorts and sometimes I send her to his house alone but nothing what should we do?
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    Well, if your GF is going to his place, by herself, and he's not trying to put any moves on her, its because of 1 of 4 reasons ...
    1. He respects you as a friend
    2. He's not interested in your GF
    3. He's gay
    4. He's stupid
    This world seems to be filling up with stupid people these days ... and a lot of guys are coming out of their gay closets, and some black guys aren't interested in white females, but I'm betting the guy prefers your friendship over tapping
    your old lady. Friendships like that are hard to come by ... maybe you should take a 12-pak of beer and your lady over to his place, tell him that she's wanting to have a 3-some to fulfill a fantasy, and see if he bites. I kind of suspect he will, then the next time you send your GF over to his place, by herself, he won't hesitate to pound that pussy.

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