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The more stories and photos I see on this site the more I want to see my wife having sex with a black man. I do not want to just come out and say this to her for fear it might end up with another outcome. We have been buying a lot of sexy clothes for her lately and have advanced from her being in the car to walking along streets etc. whilst wearing them. My next plan is to go to some dogging areas I know and see how she reacts. Hopefully it might lead to some hot fun. Would love some advice on how I could maybe speed up the process as my cock is ready to burst sometimes. How did some of you guy get your wife/girlfriends to have sex with other men. Will try to get more photos of Stacy posted as that is a massive turn on for me. Oh by the way she does not know anything about this site.
Bringing additional people into your sex lives will change things. You want to make that she is on the same page as you are. Setting her up without her full approval is a good way to end up in divorce court. Finding a bull is something that you aren't experienced at. You don't want her raped, abused, or infected with an STD(s). I strongly suggest that you join a swingers club with"on premise" activity. If she doesn't want to do that then you can pretty much forget about any other fantasies

If you have a good relationship you should be able to discuss your fantasy. Go buy a black dildo, see what her reaction is. If you don't have any sex toys buy a couple about the same size in black and white and see which one she seems to prefer. Somewhere along the line you you are going to have to broach the subject. If you don't and just set her up you will likely have more incentive to broach the subject with your next wife.

I will leave you with one last thought. Suppose you just go ahead and set your wife up with a bull that really doesn't care if your wife consents. So she will naturally be extremely pissed off and most likely a bit vindictive. So she gets a good lawyer and divorces you. What do you think will happen if she tells the honorable judge who might well be a female that her husband set her up to be raped by some strange black man?


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Yep, I agree with Torp, I'd keep everything up front with the wife. I also think sharing sexual fantasies is a good idea; it gives you an idea as to what she likes, and it also gives you the opportunity to share your desire as a sexual fantasy of your own to see how she reacts. If that goes well, get some IR videos and watch those together. The fact that she's already playing some sexy games with you is a good sign she's willing to experiment a bit. The "dogging" thing ... I just have problems with strangers in a park coming up and whipping out their dicks for her to suck & fuck. Torp pointed those concerns out; this is your wife, her safety should be your #1 concern. If you've never shared your wife with another man, I'd suggest doing it in a more controlled environment ... motel, club, home, etc. Play "safe" ! Sharing your woman with other men can be a life changing event.

Like a good wine, some things just take time. Mac


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Some good advice on here, I agree with most of the above points. If you do manage to get things going I would take it slowly and suggest meeting one black guy and keeping it low key to begin with. I have been off this site for a few weeks as things got out of hand in my situation. When different guys have your details and pass them round, then some get upset if you ignore them or dont want to go with them, it can feel a bit pressurised. I have dropped out a bit at the moment. It is worth doing and lots of fun, but dont think you can control things as much as you think. Good luck!