Adventure in Rochester, New York. Pt. 2


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This story continues from where it last stopped....

I got the slut down from the bed and with the leash around her neck was pulling her around the room with her mouth stuck on my dick. She had a thick lock of brunette hair and I kept pushing it off her face because I loved watching those lips of hers being buried around my dick; she looked totally beautiful that way. All the time I kept talking to her, asking her how she loved that dick … what she'd want that black cock to do to her … how sexy and beautiful she looked. I called out at the white boi and asked if he too agreed with me on that. He too nodded his head and replied how she'd talked only about wanting my cock in her mouth and her pussy and ass and nothing more. To hear him talk like that got my dick hard even more, and I knew he too wanted a taste of it.

"Hey white boi, how about you drop that camera down and come share this dick as well!" I ordered him.

He slung his camera around his neck and came and knelt beside his wife and the both of them worshiped my cock like it was the best thing they've had. I'd take my shaft in my hand and slap it against their faces, rubbing their saliva over their cheeks and just watching them fight of that black stick. It was so amusing too hearing the wife snap at the hubby whenever he'd gotten too much taste and grabbed my dick it back from him. She grazed her teeth against my nuts and though it kind of hurt … it felt damn good too!

The white boi sat back on the floor while I got the wife back on the bed. She got on her arms and knees, bent forward with that thick juicy white ass of hers sticking up my face, looking like the world's most expensive Cadillac. I shit you not! I sunk a finger into her pussy while I pressed my tongue into her anal hole. Seconds later I added a second finger and rubbed at her clit while my tongue kept fucking her ass. The bitch was moaning like crazy, groaning about wanting the dick. She had a thick labia and it tasted soft and sweet between my lips when i pulled at it. Her hubby was down between my legs tugging at my cock; I gave the white boi some leg room and allowed him to get some licks in while I kept tongue-fucking the wife's ass.

I climbed to my feet and rubbed the head of my cock against the wife's pussy entrance before thrusting it inside. Her pussy felt real warm and cold at the same time. But it felt genuinely good too, like shoving your dick between the comfort of a pillow. I took a moment to enjoy the warmth, letting her pussy tighten around my shaft before pulling back and then shoving it back in again. I was all excitement and my heart was beating like an African drum inside my chest while the slut brought her thick ass back at me.

"Slap my ass!" she cried out with her head bent forward on the bed. "Go ahead, slap my butt!"

She didn't have to tell me that because I was already slapping those ass cheeks while slamming against her. Her hubby came and stood beside me, watching. He took a couple snapshots before dropping down his camera; he didn't want to miss sight of the action taking place. He too urged me to fuck the bitch harder … give her some of that hard black cock … it's what she's here for, it's what she's been begging for all day. The hubby still had her panties around his neck. He took it down and wrapped it around his cock and went on stroking as he watched.

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