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Additional Photos

How many times do you ask someone for PHOTOS and they send you the SAME one's on their profile?

How many times do you ask a MAN for photos and he sends you the 'oh so popular' limp dick pix taken from overhead while dick is hanging down trying to make their dicks look WIDE and BIG because they took the photo 3" from their dick?

How many times do you ask a WOMAN for photos and they send you their ASS, TITS, PUSSY yet never send you a photo of their BODIES?

my point is if I ask for ADDITIONAL PHOTOS then the ONE'S you are showing on your profile are clearly NOT ENOUGH and I actually want to see the person I will be meeting not just your PENIS! For me it has to be a WHOLE PACKAGE the DICK isn't enough because I have had WHITE DICK (check Whitezilla he called me the Mozart of Blowjobs) bigger then a LOT of black men!!! If all you are going to send is a PENIS PIX then you can stand behind a glory hole because that's all i am gonna need for that! IF you want to FUCK ME then you need to produce full body (front and back) and FACE PHOTOS because when I fuck I like to see the WHOLE MAN in front of me and if you are not my type then I don't even want to waste your time showing up ;-)


wow so NO ONE has ever dealt with the people that send them the SAME pix on their profile when they ask for additional................YA'LL A BUNCH OF LIARS if you say you haven't
I think any additional photos requested should be sent to a personal email address, not every one wants to show their face in public, for various discreet reasons. Just because they don't post them on the site, doen't make them fakes. However the same cock photo from two different guys, is a bit suspicious.


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I have also spotted same dick pics posted by different guys......even been sent some dick pics which are clearly stolen!

Forget pics. Going on cam is the best way to verify authenticity!