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    I sat in stunned silence watching myself on the screen, not believing the look on my face. There I was on my knees in front of this young black man pleading with him to allow me to take his cock out of his pants. I fondly remember the anticipation I felt as he made me wait, my pussy was creaming and then as an honour, he allowed me to drop his pants to the floor. I looked into his eyes and as I held this huge monster in both hands, I kissed just the tip letting my tongue tease the opening. Teasing him further I put just the head in my mouth until he grew into full erection. He grabbed a handful of my long blonde hair to hold my head in place and then shoved his huge cock down my throat. The screen showed the look of panic in my face as I was choking on him so bad I couldn't breathe. I was making some awful gagging sounds and I was thinking at the time that I might die right there but just as things started to get blurry to me, he pulled himself out of my throat. I watched myself gasping for air, my eyes were all teary, and saliva was running out of my nose and mouth and onto my new silky bra. Still as soon as I could breathe regularly, I put him back in my mouth and down my throat until I was choking again.


    When he was ready to cum he again pulled himself out of my mouth and erupted in my face, sending ropes of sticky white love juice to cover me. My eyes were burning from the sting of his sperm and my mouth ached from stretching around his monster yet I remember that I was disappointed that it was over. As the video ends I am pulling his pants back up and after lovingly cleaning his cock with my tongue I tuck him back into his pants. The scene fades with the camera on me as I scrape off his cum with my fingers and then sucking it off them with a contented smile on my face.

    This video was proof that I had an addiction that was growing at an alarming rate. It's just I love black cock and the beautiful white cream that shoots out of it. I've been telling myself it was my boyfriend Lamont that I loved but I had to admit it was just his cock I loved. Lamont treats me like shit; he openly cheats on me sometimes he even makes me participate while he is screwing some girl. In fact, Lamont loaned me to the web site 'Blue Eyed Blondes Suck Black Cock' to make the video.

    I told him I wouldn't do it, that it was demeaning, what if someone I knew saw it but he laughed at me and then after he told me he would leave me I meekly submitted. So here, I was on a website literately viewed by millions of people doing unspeakable acts. I realized I was now past the point of no return and it had become public knowledge that I was a black cock slut. I said it again to myself, "Black cock slut," this was the first time I had admitted what I'd become and somehow it felt freeing, as if I'd come out of the closet, so to speak. I watched the vid again thinking of the feelings of lust I had while making it and I wanted more of the same.

    Because Lamont doesn't allow me to call him, I went down to the bar where he hangs out in hopes of finding him. I sat down at the bar to ask the barkeep if he had seen my boyfriend Lamont. He told me that the guys at the bar were just talking about me and then he turned his computer screen around to show me he had my picture as wallpaper. There I was on my knees paying homage to the huge cock I was about to suck. He then told me Lamont had been in and left with another blonde that was at the bar, He saw this saddened me and came around to sit next to me to cheer me up, he said. When he said I looked hot in the video, I thanked him without thinking and then blushed as I saw myself on his PC. I was already all worked up and as I sat there, I kept thinking how sexy it was making that video. The bartender must have read my mind for he just took my hand and led me around back behind the bar. Once he was back at his station, without a word, he gently pushed me to my knees and I obeyed knowing what he wanted. I wanted his cock so bad I couldn't stand it so I unzipped him and freed his from his trousers.

    His was not a huge cock like the man in the video, but it was black and that's all I cared about, so happily, I sucked him off as he worked the bar and chatted with customers all the while ignoring me. Every so often, he would tell one of his friends to look over the bar to see me and one time I glanced to see a woman watching me humiliate myself. When the bartender finally came, he used my face just as had been done in the video, and when he was done with me, he just pushed me away not even thanking me.

    I calmly got off my knees and walked to the ladies room with his spunk running down my cheeks. I looked into the mirror at my disgusting image and although I felt humiliated, I was actually more turned on than anything else. I cleaned my face, once again enjoying the taste of the seed from a black cock. As I left the lavatory, a good-looking black man walked by me leering and I brazenly turned around following him into the men's room.
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    WOW, thats a slut!
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    wished all white women gave into the urge for bbc like that. ;)
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    I want to turn my wife into a BBC slut