Actively Openly Married Colorado Couple w/Shared Wife

Do you Shre your wife? If so, how often?

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We are a married white couple. We have an open marriage. The wife loves to please men and the husband loves to watch. On our wedding day wife had sex with best man a half hour before the wedding and had sex with 8 other men on our honeymoon. This made our wedding special and meaningful. Our vows were written not to include any mention of fidelity. My wife's vows were written to include her vow to our best man, a friend of hers for 25 years. When she said," I do," she was saying it to both me and our best man, as well as any other men who may want her.

We met six years ago. We have been married a year. In the six years that me and my wife have known each other she has been gang banged by numerous men. We have been regulars for years now at a local swinger's motel and an adult theater. When we go to the adult theater my wife wears a blindfold so that she can't see the men she is oral with or has vaginal or anal intercourse with. She feels that the blindfold makes everyone even, and she can't turn someone down because of how they look. On average my wife has intercourse with 15-25 men each time we go to the theater, mostly because they know we go there every Saturday and Wednesday night.

We also have men to the house on Sunday mornings, for "church." It is our form of worship. My wife loves sex with most all men. She has sex with anywhere from 15-25 men every Saturday and Wednesday night. And she has sex with anywhere from 8-20 men every time we go to the swinger motel on Friday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.If we do not go to the theater or the motel, we have men to the house and she has sex with them in our bed.

Although me and the wife have great sex together, I prefer to watch her with other men. She knows it is how I feel most loved. She learned early in our relationship that to make me feel loved she has sex with another or other men and I feel loved. In return she has a large variety of men she can choose from and orgasm with. Although she loves sex with most all men, she does prefer sex with Black Men, mostly because it turns me on the most and they do more for and with her than other men do.

During our relationship we have had men live with us from time to time. This has made things very convenient. When the men want sex, they can have it. When I am horny my wife can have sex with them and I can watch. When my wife is horny she knows all she has to do is roll over. The men who have lived with us have also shared our bed. This has pleased everyone involved.

Although my wife says I am the best lover she has ever had, she understands that I prefer to watch than participate, other than with a man. I do not actually enjoy sex with women as much as I do being a bottom to another man. I am bi-sexual. My wife likes to watch me be oral and bottom with other men when I can. This does not mean I am submissive, but me and the wife have agreed it is nice having another or other men take the place of "King" of our bedroom, making me the man in waiting. This has worked well for us for about six years now.

I have always had a great deal of respect for men who have sex with other men's wives. It takes a special man to step in and pleasure another man's wife while her husband watches, takes pictures, masturbates or pleasures the other man or men.

Few men can perform well when another man is watching. Fewer can perform well in groups. Yet, we have been very fortunate to have found many, many men over the years who have become regulars and some have even lived with us from time to time.

What makes me feel good is the large number of men who have found my wife attractive enough to want to make love to her or allow her to love them. What my wife loves most about being able to have sex with so many men is the fact that few women seem to have discovered how amazing your life can be and how good you can feel and how much your ego can get stroked when so many men want you, sexually. The other aspect that she loves is how much I love her because I can allow her to have sex with so many other men and never feel jealous.

Our mine and her birthdays, our anniversaries and all special holidays, we set up gang bangs so that the holiday is extra special for me, my wife, and all the men involved. We always seem to have the biggest gang bangs on valentine's day every year.

My wife doesn't allow men to where condoms. They make her raw. And we both feel it is a matter of trust that goes both ways. This being the case, every man who has ever had sex with my wife has been able to give her their special gift. And I have to admit, that I love playing in it afterward.

My wife loves the velvety feeling her vagina has after several men have gotten off in her. I like that, too. I also love how loose she is after she has had intercourse with several other men. To me, a well used woman is the most attractive.

There has not been a day or night, since about a week or so after we met, that my wife has not had sex with another or other men. This has kept our marriage exciting, and we love each other so much because each of us can be real, and both she and I get what we need every day.

We have found that Black Men have been the most willing to have sex often. Many white married men enjoy my wife on a regular basis, as well.

Both me and the wife feel that sex should occur with a to-be wife on her wedding day, with someone other than her to-be husband. We also feel that fewer divorces would occur if more men understood the excitement and happiness that can be attained when their wife has sex with multiple men, often. Fewer men would look at porn if they could watch it happen right in their own bed. Neither me or the wife understand why so few women take this opportunity, or why so few men give their wife the chance to truly enjoy sex, and to love them by having amazing sex with other men.

Me and the wife believe that if we did not have the relationship we do, that neither of us would really be happy. And I want to thank all of the men who already have and do have sex with my wife. I also want to thank all the men who haven't yet, but will have sex with my wife in the future. It is because of you that our marriage and relationship has been as successful as it has been.

It would be nice to here from other couples who have found this type of joy in life. It would also be nice to hear from men and women who want to.