A question about performance getting worse

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    I have a question that people with experience might be able to answer. First a little background.

    I first had sex when I was 16 and at the time was quite a successful young sportsman and like lots of young men tired to bed as many girls as I could and didn’t treat them particularly well. I did this for about 12-18 months and thought myself quite a stud (joke that now seems).

    Like a lot of guys I thought I was great at it and was very confident in my abilities. My cock would get as hard as a rock with no softness at all and I (after the first few times) had no trouble fucking girls for a long time and at a fast speed. On some occasions I could go hard and fast for over an hour or more, even taking girls to the edge of orgasm only to stop suddenly to deny them release, then start again slowly, teasing them. After I came I could recover in a few minutes and go again at least once. My main fuck-buddy was a girl next door type called Jenny and she would cum a lot on my cock and I thought I was amazing. Jenny was desperate to be my gf but I kept brushing her off like an idiot.

    Anyway around this time I met a girl called Emma and fell for her. We started going out. Emma was much harder to please (both in and out of the bedroom) than Jenny was - but I could usually get her off at least once per session. She was my first real gf and I’ve written about her in my profile. Emma went black part way though our relationship and that’s what started my descent into this lifestyle. It was through Emma I discovered my submissive side and sexual love of humilation. She destroyed the ‘stud’ in me and turned me into a cuck. At the start of our relationship I was fucking her like I had Jenny by the end I could barely last 5 minutes inside her at an average pace.

    Emma and I split up and it’s been pretty much ten years since then and I’ve had other gfs and flings and so on.

    The thing is sexually I’ve deteriorated so much in terms of skill and stamina. My cock only becomes around three quarters hard even when I’m really horny, sometimes verbal humiliation can crank it right up but then I only need a touch and I go off.

    Despite that lack of hardness my cock seems more sensitive, especially at the base than it used to - result being that I can’t hold my orgasms at all - I can’t go hard and fast for even a few seconds now without cumming so have to go very slow or stop and catch my breath regularly. This isn’t helped by being somewhat turned on by the idea of disappointing a girl, imagining her telling her friends about it and so on, or imagining how much better a black bull would be doing in my place.

    I don’t shoot it half as far as I used to, in fact often I’m lucky to shoot more than an inch or two. I tried to give a girl a facial last week and even though her face was only six inches or so away when I came and she was egging me on with dirty ‘spunk all over my pretty face” sort of talk - I just dripped my modest amount onto her belly.

    Is this something that happens to cucks , subconsciously do we make ourselves worse? Do others have similar stories or experiences of their prowess decreasing. Will it continue to get slowly worse? Although I’m a duck I don’t want t one awful in bed, any advice from Bulls on how I can improve?

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    First and foremost get to your doctor and explain the issue. Request your testosterone be checked. I went through this last year. Over a two year period I lost all stamina, desire, erections and my ejaculations very weak and thin. Had my blood work up and found that my testosterone was near zero. I'm now on testosterone replacement and I have full erections, desire, stamina and my ejaculations are thicker and much more volume.

    Lack of ejaculation strength can be caused by a swollen prostate so that should be checked as well.
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    getting older????
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    Exercise, eat healthfully and stop watching porn.
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    it's not a "cuck" problem, it's a male problem. whether you get more ass than a toilet seat or have a more modest sex life, nobody is immune.

    as HerSlaveRJR suggested, have your testosterone levels checked. also, do you have any medical issues, such as diabetes? and are you on any medications, as certain meds can have a negative affect on your libido.
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