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A Poem to Cuck Hubbies: Your Wife


Real Person
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You know your wife is lost

Once she feels the impact of a black cock,

You know she's not coming back

Now she has a taste of being bad,

Know this well, cuck hubbies and wannabees:

A girl's best friend might be diamonds and pearls

But a black cock between her legs certainly beats out the rest!

Once that black cock slips into her vulva

Her mouth opens, her thoughts fall over,

You stand by the bed watching in awe

Stroking your penis, nothing more to do at all

The Black Master does his magic:

Fucking that pussy, Owning that pussy, making that pussy speak

In ways you never thought your wife could scream

Suddenly you cum in your hand

What a waste of time!

The seex goes on and on, till the Master cums

You go forward and eat the creampie out your wife's cunt

Tonight is the night your married life changes for real.

Welcome to the new world, cuck boi! Now you're both 'Black-Owned' seriously.