A new man of the house.

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    A little story for you. 100% fiction unfortunately.

    It had been my wife’s idea to rent out our spare room. We’d been struggling financially since I’d been made redundant. I’d got another job but it didn’t pay nearly enough. We live in a university town so there’s always students looking for accommodation.

    I wasn’t so sure. The thought of a stranger in our house, a young stranger at that, wasn’t that appealing.

    ‘Oh come on John’ Kate had said. ‘It might be fun. You know keep us young.’

    We’re not exactly old, both being in our early thirties, but I knew what she meant. With no kids there was a danger we could get set in our ways and old before our time. I’d seen it happen with other childless couples.

    So we did it, we sent our details up to the Uni and waited. Soon as Kate suggested it I knew we would. She is the boss in our marriage. Personally I was hoping we’d get a fit young babe but I must admit if we did end up with a young guy it would be interesting to see how Kate would react.

    ‘Darnell is his name’ she read when they got back to us a couple of weeks later. ‘He’s from America.’

    ‘Do you think he’s black?’ she asked with a touch of excitement.

    ‘I’d say there’s a pretty good chance of it with a name like that. So this is it then. Your big chance to live out your fantasy eh?’

    I was only teasing. We’re pretty open about our fantasies and having a black guy had become a big one for Kate. She’d announced it pretty much out of the blue when we were in bed one night and it got me visibly excited. She bought herself a big, thick black dildo which she’d use fairly regularly, sliding it in and out of herself and looking right at me. ‘Oh he’s so big hubby. Much bigger than you. Oh it’s good baby, so good. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to feel you again’. That kind of thing. Harmless fun but now there was to be a real life black male in our house.

    ‘If he does turn out to be a hung, black stud you wouldn’t mind would you honey? Just the once?’

    Kate had been unfaithful to me a couple of times, both of them one night stands. She’d told me straight away and I’d been sort of ok with it. Both times the guys had pretty big dicks which didn’t help my own insecurities about my own modest cock size. She always did have a high sex drive but since she’s turned 30 a couple of years ago it had gone through the roof. Frankly I was struggling to keep up. The idea of having someone to share the burden, well it was a thought, that’s all I’m saying.

    The more we learned about Darnell the more of a thought it became. He was 22 years old and apparently he’d grown up in a real tough part of a big city but had a won a scholarship to a top college where he’d excelled. Now he was coming to England to finish his degree. Immediately I had a vision of a tough, muscular young man with a real swaggering attitude. Well that was what American black guys are always like in the porn movies Kate and I sometimes watch.

    I’m not sure if I was disappointed or relieved when Darnell arrived and turned out to be a thoroughly nice, polite, well-mannered young man. He was good-looking right enough – as Kate was quick to point out– tall and slim but somehow I couldn’t imagine him arrogantly hitting on my wife. I was sure that he’d be popular with the girls on campus though and I kind of looked forward to a few nubile cuties being brought back to the house. I made sure that he knew that would not be a problem. He’d just kind of grinned at that and looked thoroughly embarrassed.

    ‘I just don’t get it’ Kate said to me a couple of months later when nothing much had happened. Not once had Darnell brought a girl back to our house or even gone out on a date. All of his time he was either spent at the Uni, playing sports or in his room studying. I think what was really pissing her off was his complete indifference to her increasingly desperate attempts to flirt with him.

    ‘I mean he’s young, good looking, black and he’s away from home. It’s almost his right to get lots of pussy.’

    ‘Maybe he’s gay’ I said. I didn’t believe that for a second. Once or twice I’d caught his eyes following Kate as she paraded around the house in skimpy outfits.

    ‘Maybe I should be the one prancing around with my tits hanging out’ I said.

    ‘Ha ha. No he’s not gay. He had a girlfriend back home for years. They only just split up I think. No I think he’s shy. I think he just needs a little confidence booster. Maybe I should take him in hand. Build him up a bit. Hmmm’

    It sounded like she had a plan and I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of it. Whatever it was it took a back seat when she came home from work unexpectedly early a couple of days later. She went into our bedroom and there he was, naked, eyes closed and jerking the biggest cock she’d ever seen with a pair of her panties in his hands.

    She gave an involuntary scream which pulled him out of his reverie.

    ‘Oh my God. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’

    ‘What the hell are you doing? ’

    ‘I…I couldn’t help myself. You’re just so sexy. You’ve been driving me crazy. Please don’t say anything to John. You’ve both been so kind to me.’

    It was fair to say that the ice was well and truly broken. Kate had caught her breathe and composed herself.

    ‘Oh baby’ she said. ‘When you’ve got a cock that size you never need to apologise to anyone. You’ll soon learn that.’

    With that she fell to her knees in front of him.

    ‘Let me suck it for you. Men like my husband jerk off. You don’t need to. There will always be some slut ready to do whatever you want. You just need to learn how to use us. I’ll teach you. Let me be your slut.’

    He didn’t resist when she took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him off right there then they spent the rest of the afternoon fucking in our bed.

    She didn’t try to hide it when I got home from work. She couldn’t. It was written all over her face.

    ‘You’re not cross are you baby?’ I got the impression she wouldn’t care if I was.

    ‘No but remember what you said. It would just be the once.’

    ‘Oh I don’t think so. Not now. It was incredible. He was incredible.’

    I groaned. Just as I feared.

    ‘When we were doing it I said to him ‘you’re fucking a married woman you know. You’re fucking another man’s wife. Does that turn you on’’.

    ‘It did as well. I could feel his cock getting harder and he started fucking me harder. And do you know what he said?’

    ‘He said ‘am I better than him? Is my dick bigger than his? Tell me’’

    ‘I had tell him the truth baby. He was better than you and I told him. Now when he looks at you he’s gonna know. Know that he’s fucked your wife better than you ever could. He’ll know he made her cum more than you. What d’ya think of that hubby? Is that not humiliating for you?’

    It was but a total fucking turn on as well. She continued:-

    ‘He’s got it. He’s got what it takes. I’m going to train him up a bit then I’m going to send him out to fuck other girls. White girls. Don’t pretend you don’t like that. Lots of pretty little white girls getting fucked by a big, black dick. That’s so your thing. And I’ll make sure he gets plenty of married woman. Lots and lots of married, white pussy. What do you think of that? I’d be making lots of little cuckolds, just like you. That’s a kick isn’t it?

    I had to admit that was hot and I ended up giving her my blessing to carry on fucking him. Not that she would have stopped either way.

    So she set about turning our mild mannered lodger into a mean, badass fucking machine starting by encouraging him to push me around a bit. At first he was too worried to fuck her when I was in the house but she soon knocked that out of him.

    ‘He’ll do anything you say’ she reassured him. ‘If you’re forceful enough he’ll fall into line.’

    He soon got the hang of it. Kate and I were sitting watching the football on TV when he came in. I was sitting in my usual, favourite comfy chair slap bang in front of the telly. He told me to move which I did feeling a little excited at his dominance. Kate sat on his lap. We carried on watching the game but he soon had her breasts bared and her panties round her ankles so he could play with her sexy body right in front of me. I must admit I’ve never paid less attention to Match of Day before.

    ‘You like watching boy don’t you?’ he said.

    I had to admit I did as he stuck two strong fingers into my wife’s cunt.

    ‘You’re not to fuck her anymore, she’s mine now. You got that?’

    I nodded. He laughed.

    ‘You English guys. You’re all pussies. Man and your women are so goddam easy. Sluts all of them.’

    Kate was moaning away as he continued to finger fuck her.

    ‘Oh forget him’ she said. ‘Just fuck me right now. Fuck me in front of him.’

    And he did. It was awesome. He was like a machine and just went on and on even when Kate was whimpering that she couldn’t take anymore, it was just too good. I knew there and then that I’d never satisfied her. Not really, not like this. He was giving me some good verbals, laughing at me and calling me a wimp for jerking off while he made my wife cum over and over. Then when he finally dumped a load in her cunt he pushed me between her legs and told me to lick. I think that might have been Kate’s idea but it was the perfect final touch. Once you’ve eat another man’s cum from your wife you'll be submissive to him forever.

    ‘Now’ he said when it was all over. ‘Go and move your stuff into the spare room. I’m moving in with your wife.’

    I opened my mouth to protest but quickly changed my mind. I’d never seen Darnell show any sign of a temper but I didn’t fancy getting on the wrong side of him.

    ‘You better do what he says honey’ Kate said ‘he’s the man of the house now.’

    I moved that night sleeping in the single bed listening to the sound of them fucking. The wall between the rooms was pretty thin and I found I could pretty much hear everything if I put a glass to the wall.

    Mostly it was him doing the talking. ‘That’s it baby, spread ‘em legs nice and wide. Show me that married pussy. Lift it up for me. Turn round, get on all fours. Suck my dick. Oh yeah that’s good. You suck cock good slut.’

    Kate didn’t say so much just urgings to fuck her harder or letting him know she was about to cum. There was a lot of that!

    I quickly accepted my new position. Kate said it was sweet how I so obviously became the Beta male to his Alpha. She could almost see me shrink physically when he entered the room. It made her want him all the more.

    ‘This is the way it should always be’ she said to me once. ‘Don’t you think? An elite group of black studs who get all the pussy while wankers like you do all the work. You could even pay them to fuck your wives. Pay them to breed us.'

    They made me do all the cooking and the housework. If Darnell wanted a beer he made me fetch it. My Mother came for a visit at the weekend and they openly kissed and fondled each in front of her leaving me to try and explain the situation. When my sister popped round one afternoon he nailed her then boasted to me how he'd used her like a slut.

    With me well and truly subdued they started to plot his next conquests. Kate asked him who had caught his eye at the university and he admitted that there was a girl in one of his classes he really liked but she had a boyfriend. They planned how he might seduce her and Kate told him to bring her a pair of the girl’s panties within the next week. He did it in two days.

    ‘I’m so proud of you Darnell’ she said. ‘You’ve done it. You are now officially a stud. You go get them sluts’.

    Over the next few weeks there was a steady stream of lovelies brought back to our house. I now had to move out of the spare room because that was set aside for Darnell to do his fucking. I slept on the couch but didn’t care a jot. I was in wanker heaven. Most of the girls he had were English of course (I do think we have the sluttiest girls in the world. There’s something to be proud of!) but being a university town there were lots of different nationalities around and Darnell certainly got his share. There was a Dutch girl, some Swedes, an Australian, South African, a Russian, a Dane and one memorable occasion two unbearably cute Belgian girls. And it wasn’t just students. He soon moved on to girls from around town ranging from the girl who works in the shop down our road , bar maids and factory girls to professional women; a lawyer, a couple of bank workers, a married accountant, and a policewoman (that was hot). I’m pleased to report that the vast majority of his conquests were white and a healthy proportion were married. ‘I just love fucking other guys wives’ he said. ‘I love looking at some dude knowing I’d made his wife cum on my cock.’

    Sometimes when he had a girl back I would listen at the door for a while and jerk off. Kate told me not to be so pathetic but I couldn’t help it. It was amazing how many of the girls learned about the situation between Kate and me. I got a lot of strange looks, quite a few smirks and giggles and on a couple of occasions was called an out and out wanker.

    Something I noticed was once he’d fucked a girl she always came back for more. Because of that he had so much choice and could afford to be picky. If a girl got too clingy he’d dump her. He caused more than a few broken hearts I can tell you.

    ‘Is he really that good?’ I asked Kate one day.

    ‘Baby, he’s unbelievable. I mean you know I like sex. You’ve given me some nice orgasms over the years.’ That was a relief to hear. I had been totally cut off which was OK for now – I was making up for it with a lot of masturbation – but I did hope I could have sex with my wife again sometime in the future.

    ‘But with him, it’s mind blowing. I mean I’m talking all over pulsing, throbbing waves of the most intense pleasure. Never in a million years did I think it could be this good.’

    ‘And is it just because he has a big cock.’ I asked. She laughed.

    ‘No, not just that. It sure helps, for me anyway but I’ve been with some pretty hung guys in the past who didn’t have a clue. There’s more to it than that. He just has something about him; gets you going between the legs and between the ears. He’s so strong and powerful you just want to submit to him; it just feels right. And when you do, oh my god, he takes you there, right into the zone. Slowly but it builds and builds till you just explode and this intense pleasure just hits you over and over again. Sometimes it’s so good I just want to cry. Oh yeah, and his cocks not just big. It’s so hard and it stays hard for hours.’ I knew that was a jibe at my own tendency to get a bit overexcited, shall we say?

    She must have seen my crestfallen face. ‘Oh don’t worry baby. I’d never expect you to be able to compete with him. You’ll always be my sweetie.’

    The one problem with all this shagging was that Darnell began to fall behind with his studies. Kate asked if any of his lecturers were female. Turned out there was one; a married, MILFish 40 year old.

    ‘Fuck her then’ Kate suggested.

    Darnell wasn’t so sure. She was sexy he said but a little bit ‘stuck up’ in his words. Very proper, very…well English.

    ‘Yeah I know the type’ said Kate. ‘But sometimes they’re the worst. If you crack her she’ll go off like a fucking rocket, trust me.’

    So Darnell really went to work on her. By now he was full of confidence and a real easy charm. Kate had encouraged him to work out with weights to build up his body and by now he was beginning to develop a really impressive physique.

    ‘He’s practically irresistible to women now’ Kate boasted. ‘Like a big, black God. I doubt there’s a woman alive he couldn’t get if he put his mind to it. And it’s all down to me.’ She really was pleased with herself.

    She was right though and the poor woman was seduced and fucked within the week. She fell for him in a big way too. Then, for good measure, he also seduced the wife of one his Professors who apparently became a willing cuckold. With them on his side he was guaranteed to pass with flying colours.

    ‘Your friend Tom’ Kate said to me one day.

    ‘Yeah. What about him?’

    ‘Darnell likes his wife.'

    Oh no. Not Caroline. She and Tom were such a sweet couple not long married and very much in love. Tom had been my best friend for years and - like me - didn't have much luck with girls. When he met Caroline all his dreams came true.

    I pleaded with her to leave them alone but she was unmoved.

    ‘Darnell wants her. And what my stud wants, he gets.’

    I have to admit though Caroline was such a sweet, pretty girl and kind of naïve and the thought of her getting black dicked gave me a massive hard-on.

    I was coerced into taking Tom away for a weekend away fishing while Kate invited Caroline round for a girl’s night in. The plan was to get her a bit drunk then Darnell would make his move.

    I felt guilty deceiving my friend and being part of his wife’s seduction but I spent all week-end wondering if the stud had succeeded.Of course he had and he ended up fucking both girls together.

    Tom took to being a cuckold just as easily as I had. In fact we became sort of cuck buddies, going to the pub, the football or playing golf while Darnell entertained our wives. Neither of us spoke about it much but we were both jerking off, no doubt about that.

    In all Darnell spent nearly two years with us in which time he must have had well over 100 girls. I’m sure there was a scattering of little black babies all over town by the time he headed home. On his last night with us he had Kate, completely naked, suck him off in our garden. It wasn’t the most private of locations and several of the neighbours saw.

    ‘Now everyone knows what you are Dude’ he said to me as way off a parting shot.

    Kate cried for a month when he left. ‘I just miss him so much’ she wailed. What she really missed was his big, thick cock. She must have had just about every black cock in town up her recently as she tried to make up for his absence.

    He’s back home in America now where I’m sure he’s breaking hearts and making husbands cuckolds. If he ever meets your wife I apologise for the monster we created.
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    Pretty good story.
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    I enjoyed your story. It is well-written, with good pace and detail. The plot is imaginative and so hot and it is good to follow Darnell's easy and natural progression to a cuckolding stud. And nice to know "Tom took to being a cuckold just as easily as I had" so the white males become cuck buddies lol.
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