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A man's shame....


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I consider my self an entrepreneur, working for someone else just doesn't do it for me. I started a software company that grew into something profitable I'm no millionaire but I can live life on my terms which means freedom. My wife is a looker 5'8 blonde very curvy, we've been together for 7 yes I met her at my very last job she was a receptionist at a law firm that was handling litigation for my company. I'm not the best looking guy but money talks she saw I was on the way up and she jumped ship. I didn't know she was a freak when I married her, she loved fucking all the time and any where. We had our first baby last year, 9 months later my world came crashing down. I came home one afternoon to findicate her bouncing on another man's dick he was black and in my home. I ran at him and got flipped on my head apparently he was a former division 1 wrestler. He was twice my size and explosive as hell, he had me gripped up and helpless. He turned to my wife and said " lisa what do you want me to do with him?" Don't hurt him just put him down, was her response. I told him if he didn't leave I was calling the cops. My "wife" said "don't bother were leaving." I was crushed, she called me later to talk she explained how she didn't want me to find out this way but she couldn't help herself when it came to him. I'm still In love with her and can't bring myself to file for divorce. She moved back home but I know she still sees him and I believe she has him over when I'm not around. I can't get the image of his hands around her waist slamming her down on his dick and her look of pure joy as he was doing it. She never made the sounds I heard come out of her when we had sex. I feel like less of a man knowing my wife is cuckoldi g m3 and could care less.......

The end.


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Yes, you feel ashamed, humiliated, degraded, a failure in all aspects, especially sexually. You can't stand the thought of her displaying her body to another man, let alone him fucking her like he does and how much she enjoys it. It kills you when you imagine the things he does to her, things she would never do with you. How can you go on? But........
You are on this site and therefore something in all this arouses you........ doesn't it?