A Little Revenge

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    My husband likes for me to go fishing with him and one of his buddies. I like to read and sun myself while they fish. One time my husband drank so much beer that he just fell asleep in the back of the boat. This really ticked me off, and I had noticed my husband's friend looking me up and down when he didn't think I was watching, so for revenge I took my top off and gave him a good long look at my tits. I sat down next to him and let him kiss me and play with my tits but I wouldn't let him go further. Every time he tried to get in my pants I pulled his hand away. All the time my husband was lying right there just three feet away. At last my husband's friend took my hand and put it on his hard cock, which felt like it was made of iron. I pulled his trunks down and knelt between his legs, rubbing his hard dick between my tits and stroking it with one hand while I lightly rubbed his balls with the other. When I thought he was just about to cum, for a special treat I took his cock in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down. After only three or four strokes of that he must have cum a bucket load because I had to work hard to swallow it all. My husband has no idea what went on while he lay passed out. If he does this again, I'll let his friend fuck me. Oh did I mention my husband's friend is a hot black stud?
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    All hubbys that pass out on their women when there are other guys around deserve to be cuckolded I reckon.
    Its happened to me!
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    Yes, I know my wife has been fucked by other men at late night parties after I have turn in, because she has told me it happened. Sometimes its just part of the plan!
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    Good times.
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    all wives should let their husbands' friends fuck them