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A Game Called Trust (A Swingers Party With A Twist ) Bridgewater NJ


Real Person
We are excited to say

The Trust Party

Is coming back to

Somerset , New Jersey

May 16, 2015

A Game Called Trust

Have you ever played A game called trust

Or have you ever been to a Trust Party !

What happens at this party ?

This is a Hotel Swinger Party with a twist

As you walk in the party everyone is there MINGLING, EATING, DRINKING & checking out the people in the party who they would love to play with

We are sure there will be a few people you would love to get it on with that night

Here comes the fun part about trust

Before you enter the playrooms


Ladies do you trust your husband

Do You trust his judgment

Because This Is A Game Called Trust Right !!!

All the wife's are blindfolded .

It's The husband job to say who is allowed to play with her

No man is allowed to touch your wife unless you approach the husband and he gives you the OK

I know many of you ladies have had a blind fold fantasy but was scared to live it

Now is your chance

If so lets play a game called trust.

Couples $ 20.00

Single Men $ 60.00

Single Ladies Free

Sign up for this event and future events here http://pokeherclub.wix.com/ssnyc 10_b_1438896.jpg 29_using-blindfolds_flash1.jpg 0892959ee04e157646b47f6fc7eb99df.jpg 1406210597_50-shades-zoom.jpg 4603788633_bb4fe91495.jpg blackdaddyownsherthe-cuffs-and-blindfold-were-necessary-the.jpg blindfold.jpg blindfolded-kiss.jpg