A fantasy Of Mine...

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    I Am Walking down The Street Dressed sexy as Usual with a short mini-skirt and A tall pair of heels.. In the corner of My eye I see A slick dressed Built BBC ... He Looked Like Micheal Jai White, Of Course I flirt. He gives me his Cell hone number, and Walks Away from Me, HE HAS BUSINESS TO HANDLE.

    I text Him Later that Night while soaking in a Bath full Of Bubbles. I let Him Know That I Really was Just craving Some BBC. He Lets me know that He is Extremely Dominant And there are things I have to do In order To EARN his Big Black Cock. He Tells Me He'll be over in a 30 minutes With a TEST for me....

    I shave and Oil up my body... Throw on a Nice one piece Lingerie And a pair of sexy heels to answer the door In.... I was Ready to do WHATEVER He asked...

    The Doorbell Rings... Its Over an Hour Later. I was Mad and Just about to call it a night, But couldn't help Letting Him In... I wanted it soooooo Bad. Well Little did I know He had a lot in store for me. Not just Him But Three other Sexy ass Black men Enter My doorway All with A look Of hunger in their Eyes.....

    I was Intimidated at first, But He talked calmly, His Voice Like Velvet. He let me know That They Were There so He could see my Potential, and If I was worthy of His BBC. He teases Me, Rubbing His Hand Along my inner thigh... I'm grabbing his Biceps and getting soooo Wet.Then He Pushes off of me, And tells Me That It's time to see What I am Made of...

    He Calls One Of His Friends Over, Dre , And Tells him I am all His Until He says His Job is done, and That he needed to get to work...... Standing 6'3 I already I was in store for a Big Heavy dick I was on my knees And as I unzipped His Pants slowly, Micheal Barked I wasnt doing it fast enough to get his cock out and shove it down my mouth.

    I do as ordered, and as I am Deep throating this HUGE cock, I feel something behind me. Its His Other Friend, G... Micheal gets mad at me because I stopped sucking Dre's Dick, Graps me by the throat and tells me I must not want it as bad as He thought I did. I sucked Dre's Cock like no other Dick I had before. That pleased Micheal....

    Dre was busy Shoving my head down on His Big Heavy Dick, Fucking the shit out of my mouth... G was behind me Rubbing his semi hard cock along my ass. This Turns Me On. I ask For Permission To suck both at the same time. Micheal allows me to.

    Taking about 10 second turns on each BBC, The third friend, Jay, Is invited to join. At this time I am rotating sucking For three guys, While my attention is still strictly focused on Micheals Facial expressions. He is Rubbing His Crotch of His pants, I can see the HUGE bulge. I almost cum as I see the satisfaction in His eyes...

    He Tells Dre to Pick me up and Bring me to the bedroom. Dre lifts me Over his shoulder and Throws me onto the bed. Micheal Tells G to Get on the Bed and Lie down. He Then Tells My To squat Above his Dick and Let it enter My fat ass. I obey. It was sooo Hard to get this MONSTER COCK inside, But I had to remember MICHEAL. As soon as this was acomplished, Dre was told to get on top of me and Enter my tight wet pussy.... Then He told them to pound me Like there was no tommorrow...

    I CUM harder than ANYONE had EVER made me cum in less than 1 minute, and then it was Back to back from there. Jay Then puts His Huge cock down my throat. All 3 holes Filled. Im in COMPLETE EUPHORIA.

    G yells out he is about to Cum deep Into my White ass,and the throbbing sensation Is driving me CRAZY. He pounds Harder, Then I feel the hot cum filling my ass. I cum harder than before. From there it was a domino effect... Dre Is about to fill my pussy with his Hot Load, I can feel it throbbing... He instead pulls out and Nuts all over my stomach. He knew that was Micheals Job.

    Jay Is cumming all over my face, and Micheal is sayin " You like that don't you , you little slut" Indeed I love it. He Then Takes me by the arm roughly. Practically throws me in the bathtub and tells me "To wash the fuck up". I do as I am told.

    When I am finished, Evry one is gone except Micheal... He is laying on the bed fully Nude. He resembles a GOD. .......

    I will finish later , I need to GO TO WORK lol
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    That is a horny story.
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    Might come true lol
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    awesome story
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    I need to see more pictures of your sexy tall self in high heels being totally and utterly submissive to BBC. Great writing! I really mean this!