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47/46 [MF4M] Mystic Lake - flirting and dancing

Taking my Wife to Mystic casino the end of January. She likes to have drinks, dance and flirt when we go out. Looking to stack the deck in her favor and make sure there is a guy or two for her to flirt and dance with. She prefers younger guys 30 to 40. If you are older than 45, please don't respond. No offense just not interested. She also really likes dancing with black guys, they just dance better I guess :) She is 5'7" 145 lbs but looks thinner. Brunette with some grey. B cups.

You should be 30 to 40 y.o. Funny Charming CLEAN No drugs Open to race but prefers white and black.

This is for a fun night out. This is not for sex or anything else.