white couples

  1. H

    Serious question - Female perspective greatly needed

    I figure if I explain the reason I'm asking this question I might get more answers. My girlfriend and I were planning on having a couple children of our own before we got into the BBC cuckold fantasy. She gets really into it, and she loves the cuckold angle (as much as I do). We are still...
  2. cuckiesub30

    Falling in love with your BBC Bull?

    Here's a question for you Hotwives and cuckolds: have you or your spouse ever fallen in love with the bull or at least showed signs of it? Bulls, has it ever happened to you that a hotwife or a cuck confessed that they had feelings for you? I think it could happen to anyone even if this topic...
  3. rise of interracial cuckold

    rise of interracial cuckold

    More than 180 white cuckold couples in 7 minutes! This video is proof that the interracial cuckold is a rising trend.
  4. M

    Would you be willing to help a newbie bull?

    i just want to find out how many couples and single white women would be willing to get with a young black guy around the age of 18-26 And help him get "hands-on" practice to become confident and experienced in pleasuring white women, also if you were willing how would you go about doing it?
  5. C

    In what year did you first hear about interracial cuckolding?

    Big black cock
  6. C

    White couples snowballing

    I think it's hot when a white wife snowballs her white husband, its so taboo and sexy. The white wife has sex with a black man the black man ejaculates into the white wifes mouth and then she kisses her husband. Snowballing adds to the humiliation, would you snowball your husband?