white couples

  1. cuckiesub30

    Falling in love with your BBC Bull?

    Here's a question for you Hotwives and cuckolds: have you or your spouse ever fallen in love with the bull or at least showed signs of it? Bulls, has it ever happened to you that a hotwife or a cuck confessed that they had feelings for you? I think it could happen to anyone even if this topic...
  2. rise of interracial cuckold

    rise of interracial cuckold

    More than 180 white cuckold couples in 7 minutes! This video is proof that the interracial cuckold is a rising trend.
  3. MasterFW4

    Would you be willing to help a newbie bull?

    i just want to find out how many couples and single white women would be willing to get with a young black guy around the age of 18-26 And help him get "hands-on" practice to become confident and experienced in pleasuring white women, also if you were willing how would you go about doing it?
  4. C

    In what year did you first hear about interracial cuckolding?

    The first time i heard about cuckolding was in 2008, before that i have never even heard of cuckolding even though cuckolding has been happening for many years. I'm surprised that many people in 2016 have never even heard of cuckolding. Did you only hear about cuckolding in 2016?
  5. C

    White couples snowballing

    I think it's hot when a white wife snowballs her white husband, its so taboo and sexy. The white wife has sex with a black man the black man ejaculates into the white wifes mouth and then she kisses her husband. Snowballing adds to the humiliation, would you snowball your husband?