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In what year did you first hear about interracial cuckolding?

The first time i heard about cuckolding was in 2008, before that i have never even heard of cuckolding even though cuckolding has been happening for many years. I'm surprised that many people in 2016 have never even heard of cuckolding.

Did you only hear about cuckolding in 2016?
Thanks for the replies. I have always had cuckold fantasies even before i knew the word cuckold existed. I wonder what word did cuckold couples use before they discovered the word "Cuckold".
Well every since I was 13 I've known I wanted to watch my wife get fucked. The more stories I read about it the more I found interracial stories and ended up in that arena.

By the time I was 18 I only wanted to read stories about the wife and BBC. I'm not sure when I heard the word cuckold but I wanted to be one since the early 90's.