1. Fucked my friends mom! 😳

    Fucked my friends mom! 😳

    I snuck into my friends moms bedroom and fucked her while he was showering
  2. I

    What’s the kinkiest taboo thing you have done with a bbc

    New on here but I have plenty of experience. I’m curious to know what some of think kinkiest most taboo fantasies everyone has or have done. If you aren’t comfortable sharing feel free to message. I can share some of mine also.
  3. jagurian

    Kinkiest taboo

    Dm me, i want to know ur kinkiest taboos,better with photos and videos. Also ur location if u are close to Belgium for a nasty kinky meetup :)
  4. Simple But Complex

    Ebony Hotwife

  5. More slutty squirting public play

    More slutty squirting public play

    If you can't match my freak out privates can't meet
  6. SemperDominus

    Feel my strength

    I like the subtle act of overpowering you. Holding you down with one hand and pulling your panties off with the other. To handle you and be able to position you at will to my liking. To hear you moan and then you make the most wonderful noises when I forcefully insert myself into you as you're...
  7. Y

    Is this wrong??

    so I came to America at a young age and not speaking English. I learned how to speak English in middle school. When I got to high school I met the high school secretary in the guidance office. We always laughed and joked. Became close by my senior year. Kept in touch throughout college. She came...
  8. SemperDominus

    Woman's Feelings Regarding Her Own Submission.

    My dominance is always goal-directed. There is a purpose to everything that I do in life, whether big or small, whether sexual or not, directly related to a D/s relationship or just part of daily life. I dislike randomness or chaos, or drama. I'm very logical and reasoned with my choices...
  9. SemperDominus

    Finding Darkness…

    Her mind and fantasies darker than many. Taboo driven, forbidden fruit style desires. Things she couldn’t talk about, far less share with most. A plethora of fantasies that she kept repressed within. Desperate to explore, but not understanding what drives her to want to feel these things...
  10. HRHJJD

    Nuns (my dirty little secret)

  11. 8

    Most taboo or kinkiest fantasy ladies ?

    I wanna know some really taboo fantasies you might not otherwise share ? Any good one?
  12. IMG_3489.mp4


    Cuckolding isn’t new it’s been around for a very long time classic porn from. Back in the day when it was a bit taboo. Now it’s the norm
  13. P

    Into raceplay as a white man racist?

    I am into seeing white women fuck black men more than anything. I can't stand to see a white dick at all it's just boring and doesn't look right to me. But I don't use the term other than now, but is it offensive or racist that I prefer when the black men call the white girl a "black man lover"? I...
  14. bullish85

    My cuckold fantasy

    What I’d like to do is be driving down a country lane and my car brakes down. It’s freezing as fuck and I’ve been out in the elements for hours, but luckily a couple come driving past. Hubby is driving and wife is in the passenger seat. They both offer me a ride to the nearest amenities.. wife...
  15. Destructorbull

    Arabic housewife secret lifestyle - Husband films and invites bbc to satisfy the insatiable pussy

    The insatiable Arabic pussy and the powerful black cock.
  16. Wife’s sister sneaks over

    Wife’s sister sneaks over

    Wife at interview while sis in law sucking my dick.
  17. Kaiser

    Métis Black pour femmes et couples...Paris

    Métis Black 35 ans, sur Paris. Respectueux, chaud, no tabou, discret pour femmes et couples...faisons connaissance...