1. SWM4bbcslut

    For bull with 10" or more penis...

    Ever had trouble getting it all the way in? Does it go all the way in or how far?
  2. Saxophone

    Ladies, which GIRTH can you take?

    Most women would say that they would prefer girth over length or would want a really thick dick. Ladies, please, select or write the girth size (circumference) you can honestly and happily take, based on the objects or dicks that you have used? Please, no imagined but rather really measured...
  3. wiwife

    Condom Size

    Just found the perfect size condom for hubby. My One Perfect Fit Condoms size E55. The are smaller than his Iron Grip condoms which were too big. We have even tried using my Bull's condoms and had hubby's balls squeezed in them to prevent falling off. Of course he does not enter my pussy but...
  4. tristan_dirden

    Of course size matters

    Why did I get curious about black cock?? Well, when I first saw interracial porn my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Even as a white guy I got turned on by the size of the black cocks. I think that it was the idea of those cocks eliciting such a powerful sexual response from the women... they...
  5. C The Creator


  6. mywayintermsofsex

    Reblog if...

    Does anyone dare to post this on another site (Twitter, FB, vk, Instagram, tumblr, etc.)? (...);)
  7. AvgCouple09

    What Size???

    Hey ladies, what do you consider a BIG COCK??? For me it's 9 to 10 inches..........10 to 11 is HUGE to me..........and above 11 is GIANT!!! What size do you prefer? What size do you want to try? I want 9 to 10 on a regular basis..............AND want to throw in a 10 or more every once in...
  8. Rashaad

    Shape or Size....or Both is nice

    I have a question for the Ladies on this when looking at dick....what attracts you? Is it primarily size based? Or do are you attracted to a guy's shape? Or does both play a factor to you? This is just me asking out of curiousity because I hear I have great shape.....and my size is...
  9. 9

    Cubic inches

    I'm a new member. I think that cubic inches is the way we should describe our cocks. For example I am just average in length. 5 inches. Just average in girth. 4.75 inches. But the cubic inches is just 9! This means that if she were lucky enough to be fucked by a BBC with a length of 7.5 inches...