1. Kull711

    Dry Humping Fun 🍑

    Here's a fun article about dry humping & feel free to share your own feelings & thoughts below :)
  2. mywayintermsofsex

    Sexual Evolution (F/m/Bm)

    Personal sexual development explained in stages... For Women: Stage #0: Masturbation to her favorite fantasies Stage #1: Masturbation and sex with one man (her partner or FWB) Stage #2: A lot of sex with more than one man Stage #3: Good sex with mostly Black men Stage #4: Great sex with only...
  3. Kull711

    Debunking The Stereotypes About Cuckolding ♠️

    Big shoutout to venus for having this powerful interview with holly randall about cuckolding and venus share her unique knowledge about cuckolding if any woman is curious about creating and living this relationship dynamic with their partner. Credit: Venus Cuckoldress If anyone wants to...
  4. Zimzamblk

    DICK*TALENT*BRAINS...Could the Combo Be a Thing?

  5. LatinBrownBull

    One Of A Different Kind Of Mind ,Body&Soul

    YOB;1992 ,Dirty 30 Weight;157 was heavier but worked out awhile ,stopped & need to start again Height;5Ft ,5 not my fault Uncut 5⅔-6 pushed ,Average & Confident Mexican, Native American Therian Indian Pansexual ,Polysexual ,Polyamorous Not a Pro Dom but I do fine with FinDom Multi...
  6. hornysnowbunny


  7. Kull711

    Casual Intimate Sex vs Snuggle Sleepovers 🔥✨💕

    Recently, i read an interesting article from about snuggle sleepovers with their ex partner and it got me curious about certain people in any relationship dynamic being touch deprived and craving for more bodily touch from each other. Men = Do you prefer casual intimate sex or...
  8. Kull711

    We Share Everything Series 🔥

    If anyone wants to get a good laughs and check out some sexy women and men in the series, i highly recommend to watch this series on youtube 🤣💯.
  9. C

    Old Cuck in Chastity looking for a cuck Relationship.

    Deutscher Cuck.Old , 60+ Jahre alt, sehr erfahren, sucht die passende Dame für Fetisch, Femdom, Black Femdom.
  10. Kull711

    Mental Health Awareness Month 🌎☮️☯️🌈💕✨

    Shoutout to all of you that are reading this in this community & towards our mental health. May we continue to create & maintain consensual, healthy & mindful relationships in our lives & for our bodies, hearts and our minds 🤗🥰🌎☯️☮️🌈💕✨💯. Mindfulness Definition 👇🏾...
  11. Kull711

    Spring Equinox Poem 🌸☮️☯️✨💕

    Happy spring equinox everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I want to share a poem for you all for this season & with all the chaos that’s going on, promoting messages of harmony & peace can make a big difference, and with that being said here’s the poem that I’ve wrote for everyone reading...
  12. S


  13. Kull711

    Authentic Consent Matters 💯

    I just want to throw this out there for all the women i'm attracted to & to all the people who are attracted to me. I'm a full supporter of boundaries & consent when it comes to relationships. I have no problem if a woman says no to me if she doesn't feel completely comfortable about me or a...
  14. SemperDominus

    Call me Daddy, Call me Sir, Call me Master

    Both dominant and submissive partners have their own roles. The truth is that this type of relationship isn’t only about sex, even though most people may think it is. Actually, the dominant-submissive relationship can be seen in all aspects of life. Being a Dom can seem very appealing. Most are...
  15. H

    If BMWF Interracial relationships become the norm...

    A lot of white couples with families have the fantasy of BMWF relationships becoming the new normal. It's hot, but I'm just curious, if it does become the new normal in the future, then what role do white mothers envision for their white sons in society? Should their mothers make it known early...
  16. H

    Question for experienced mothers?

    Has joining the lifestyle effected your opinion of your white sons? Do you view them differently?
  17. H

    To other single ladies here: How do you manage?

    I am a student and I find that this kind of lifestyle - not the cuckold one - is taking some toll on the rest of my life. Friends knowing a bit of it, while you feel you can try another BBC for fun, and then you want to stick to one or the other, or perhaps two... and you don't know what you...
  18. Lonskee123

    relocating me

    black willing man wanting to start breeding early in life im 24...8 inches of meat if any couples, white qos want to relocate me with no problem ill be happy to be a good guest.. kik lonskee123 or just inbox me,
  19. LuvyDub84

    Loving someone with different political views.

    Being a conscious Black man and "pro-Black" on alot of social issues I'm often conflicted and told that I'm in contradiction with myself because of my love for White women. First off my pro-blackness comes from a place of pro-human. If I view law-enforcement and the judicial system as inherently...