jack of spades

  1. K

    BBC cult worship nc

    sissy male; anyone know of any bbc cults or perhaps interested in starting one?
  2. Mr MiracleBBC

    Tampa FL DOM Bull

    Dom BBC with an 8 inch dick here in Tampa Florida looking for a couple that would like to be owned and dominated. I believe it's your responsibility as a white couple to serve black men and their dicks... would need a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend who are committed to the...
  3. Mr MiracleBBC

    Why White Couples Need To Submit to Black Masters.

    Why must white couple submit to black Masters? It's an interesting question right? I think to answer it we have to look at why cuckolding is so appealing, why it feels so right especially cuckolding and giving yourself over to black superiority. Think about what you feel when you watch a big...

    A challenge for any in the group...

    Find communities in North America where racists live and make certain there are women pregnant with black children, formerly racist women become Queen of Spades, formerly racist men become Jack of Spades. This is the 21st century people end this fucking racism and make sure it ends in this...