Why White Couples Need To Submit to Black Masters.

Why must white couple submit to black Masters? It's an interesting question right? I think to answer it we have to look at why cuckolding is so appealing, why it feels so right especially cuckolding and giving yourself over to black superiority. Think about what you feel when you watch a big black dominant dick go in and out deeper and deeper inside of a woman.

There's a little bit of fear, some insecurities but also excitement. Male or female when a white person sees this they are excited. There is something beautiful, scary and intriguing about a black man's dick. White women deep down want to be penetrated by this power, white men secretly want to as well. The reason white couples must submit is because submission to a black master or mistress is that feeling of excitement all the time.

That feeling of giving yourself completely over to someone who is sexually dominant with an appetite That sometimes seems like can never be sated. Submitting feels more natural, end in the end is dominant over you will make you both stronger. I know it sounds crazy but listening to all the couples on this forum who have given themselves over completely to Black Masters save it their family and relationship is even stronger for it.

Giving yourself over to a black person's will And submitting before their dick will make you feel passion like you never have before. when you join together and make your responsibility to please him in every way his appetite desires you will find your own desires satisfied as well.

Give in to your Black Masters, you will be happier for it.


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Part of the act of white submission may be for the cuckold husband to fluff their black master as the wife watches. This will make the cuck less masculine to the wife. This will be the ultimate act of white submission.


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Mr. Miracle,
From your enslaved white couples, do you demand exclusive sexual rights? Will your white male be permanently in chastity? Will the enslaved male have only sexual contact licking his wife's vagina and your cock clean (and before) after sex? Will there be times when you feel corporal punishment for either of your slaves will be necessary? I am not trying to be facecious . I feel readers of your very interesting essay should know all factors in this relationship, especially the ones considering entry into cuckold submission. Your article does make it exciting.
I was always a submissive, but black men took me even deeper. Before going black, my wife was never submissive to any man, only to dykes. She sent me to a black man first, which was a smart move. Over a period of two nights he dominated me and used me as his "faggot whore," and I was hooked. I came home begging her to meet him. He had sex with her two nights in a row, and got her hooked on multiple squirting orgasms, which she never had before. On the 3rd night, when he told her to crawl naked to him and beg like a whore, she refused. But when he said "White whores are a dime a dozen" and started to leave, she dropped to her knees, crawled to him, and we begged together. We have submitted to black men ever since.
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