1. D

    New Black male from Ca

    Hello there, I'm a laid-back, intelligent African American male in my forties, standing at 5'8" and weighing 190 pounds. With a bald head and a goatee, I bring a unique charm to any situation. I'm currently exploring the exciting world of cuckoldry and am keen to join a couple for a fulfilling...
  2. UpperPenVixen

    Upper Peninsula

    Vixen in the Upper Pen of Michigan with a cheating and interracial kink that the husband knows about. (He's allowed to play with his Asians)
  3. S

    Couple in the UK looking for BBC to Breed

  4. DukeLove

    Black Switch from NYC just getting into this fet

    Made this account a while ago and just forgot about it, too busy with boring normal stuff. Not too experienced but Looking forward to connecting with the community and playing my role 6ft 165 lb slim athletic build
  5. Studio bedroom

    First BBC

    How to introduce your wife to her first BBC?
  6. KellyInvictus

    Hey, everyone, I’m Kelly!

    My name is Kelly and I’m a 23 year old femboy from the greater Philadelphia area. I’ve been trying to get into this sort of lifestyle for ages, but I’ve had limited success finding communities which cater to it; I’m glad this one exists and I’m hoping to be a long-term part of it. I don’t...
  7. AlexBoom012

    Whiteboi 25 UK Bournemouth

    Hey everyone.. This is a big step for me. I'm "Alex" a whiteboi in the UK. Firstly it's amazing to see such a large community that I didn't realise existed. I'm shy, "pussy free",a supporter of the BNWO who occasionally dresses up (picture 1) I wasn't always like this. 6 years ago, far from...
  8. D

    Introducing my Indian wife

    Does she get some BBCs hard?
  9. Ournewdesires

    Aussie Open Relationship Couple

    Hi all, We are in an experimental open relationship. Nothing has happened yet but we have talked about sharing or doing hotwife style fun. We are easy going and the male will be mainly managing this account with the partner joining in everynow and then :) Feel free to message us and ask...
  10. Frf21

    Hi, I love talking about the New Black World Order!

    Unfortunately discussion, fantasies, chatting, and creativity are all I have to offer as an asian male until I find a girl that’s also into BBC. But I’ll be sure to do my best to not make you all bored!
  11. xladyx

    Young lady saying hi!

    Hey - after almost 3 years since I registered there I decided that it's time to make my first little steps and at least introduce myself. I'm 27 y old, from France. Tattooed with a fit body. 3 years in a relationship with a pretty open-minded guy, we do love to play and try new things - and the...
  12. P

    Bi for BBC

    Hi, new here. I've been pursuing my pansexuality over the past five years or so, and I find myself drawn to BBC. I was with a guy who was very well endowed, and I was having trouble getting it in my mouth without hitting my teeth. He stopped me 7 minutes in, and told me to forget it. I was kinda...
  13. conscience215

    IM A BULL AND IM new here

    26 year old bull ready to please with 8inch bbc ... just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I am open wand willing to meet and make new friends
  14. blackartfan

    Hello from Orange County NY

    Good afternoon everyone, hope those in the North East are doing well with the snow. Just a guy here who appreciated interracial adult content and I started making mock covers, QoS lifestyle IDs and playing cards.
  15. blackandkinky

    How to bring up the cuckold / bbc topic with your gf / wife

    Posted(unedited) with permission from the original author, Nat aka "blacked2blacked". I am NOT a cuck but I enjoy their wives from time to time and this advice might help some of you on your journey: "I am often asked on how my fiancé and I got to talk about the lifestyle we are in . Well for...
  16. TheEbonyHumper

    Hello from Southern California

    Hi. I'm Ty. 38 black male from southern California. Always up for meeting new and interesting people in and out of the bedroom. Don't be shy and say hi. Later days Ty
  17. BlkTreePalm

    Dark dreams..

    An introduction, like a fantasy begins with a dream. I have dreamt of strength, therefore my body reflects that. I have dreamt of the stars, from which my birth sign hails- the Taurus, which makes me a bull in spirit. As the dream continues, I am hear. Greeting those of you with eyes to read and...
  18. hvcouple

    Latino and White Couple

    Hello all we are Tiger and Kitty, a latino male and white female. We both met when Kitty was a stripper at a local club, a couple of regular meetings at the club soon turned into regular playtime at Tiger's place. Regular playtime lead to overnights, staying with Tiger for extended amounts of...
  19. Rosey45

    Rosey says hi

    Hello everyone, glad to be a part of the community! Little about me, I'm 25, a sub, and pretty exclusively interested in black men (that whole saying "once you go black, you never go back" is painfully true for me). I am bisexual though and am open to beautiful ladies of any race whatsoever :)...
  20. K

    Greetings to all thinking people

    I guess it would be good if I introduce myself. My name is Kate, 18 years old, location doesnt matter. I'm here for my own reasons, would be glad to talk to those who are interested. Wish you best.