1. TheEbonyHumper

    Hello from Southern California

    Hi. I'm Ty. 38 black male from southern California. Always up for meeting new and interesting people in and out of the bedroom. Don't be shy and say hi. Later days Ty
  2. B

    Dark dreams..

    An introduction, like a fantasy begins with a dream. I have dreamt of strength, therefore my body reflects that. I have dreamt of the stars, from which my birth sign hails- the Taurus, which makes me a bull in spirit. As the dream continues, I am hear. Greeting those of you with eyes to read and...
  3. hvcouple

    Latino and White Couple

    Hello all we are Tiger and Kitty, a latino male and white female. We both met when Kitty was a stripper at a local club, a couple of regular meetings at the club soon turned into regular playtime at Tiger's place. Regular playtime lead to overnights, staying with Tiger for extended amounts of...
  4. Rosey45

    Rosey says hi

    Hello everyone, glad to be a part of the community! Little about me, I'm 25, a sub, and pretty exclusively interested in black men (that whole saying "once you go black, you never go back" is painfully true for me). I am bisexual though and am open to beautiful ladies of any race whatsoever :)...
  5. K

    Greetings to all thinking people

    I guess it would be good if I introduce myself. My name is Kate, 18 years old, location doesnt matter. I'm here for my own reasons, would be glad to talk to those who are interested. Wish you best.
  6. SaucySauce

    New (Bi) guy here. Hello

    Sup folks, how are y'all doing? Y'all Getting good vitamin D? I (M20) just started long distance relationship with this amazing black guy. He's such a sweet guy with a beautiful cock, which I will be trying out in the near future. So to celebrate my first BBC I will get a permanent tattoo. I'm...
  7. shellikay

    Calgary Sissy

    Thank you for letting my register into this lovely site. I'm 43 effeminate long hair long nails, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been with more than 3 women who left me for real men. 2 of them I helped find the men. I'm poly, and in training for full sissy. At first I thought this site had...
  8. C

    How are you sexy people

    I was born and raised in Cincinnati. Been away from Cincy for about 15 years living in California to DC and parts in between. Have been back for almost 8 years now with no plans to leave. I am a laid back man that has a sense of humor and is a good listener and communicator. I am also very...
  9. O

    New Person

    Hi everyone! I guess this is my introducing myself post. I am a sex fan and have been since I started. I am married and my husband is a cuck but only to a limit. He doesn't watch and I don't degrade him but he loves me having sex with black men. I guess I'll see everyone around here and there.
  10. S


    Hi everyone, I am 35, from Ohio, single BBW. I have never tried interracial sex before but it has been a long time interest, especially involving cuckolding a white guy. I am into BDSM as a switch, hoping for a FLR with a cuck and then I would be submissive to my bulls. I am here to learn from...
  11. Littl30wl

    SWF in Maryland DMV greater area

    Hey, Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. SWF in late 20s, here to learn and explore. burning question: what is gold membership?
  12. C

    Looking for Bay Area (NorCal) BBC - Start with KIK

    Hello, We are a couple in our 20s (She is early 20s and I'm late 20s) and would like to find a strong, sexy black man who wants to chat over KIK or some other messenger to get her (and I) used to stepping outside of the relationship. Not planning anything physical for a few months, but if...
  13. I

    Warm Greetings!

    Hello to all of you beautiful people out there, as you know i'm new here so i'd love to get to know you all, don't worry, i won't bite, lol :p feel free to get in touch then, so much love and kisses for all of you...:lips::lips::lips:
  14. Suddenurge2


    This certainly seems interesting. Im a black male in DFW, TX area. I'm not looking for anything too serious. Just want to make a friend and see where it goes from there
  15. B

    New here, From NYC

    Hey everyone, I hope all of yall are having a great night. New, just wanted to introduce myself. From Brooklyn new york
  16. Blade4u22

    BBC in the Kansas City Area

    I have some experience with a couple of cuck couples. looking to get some more.
  17. Lemme Hitdat

    U know why I'm here

    Just coming through saying what's up to everybody I'm still learning how to use everything one of u ladies come help me out
  18. Larry48

    Just signed up...

    Hello everyone! I am Larry, black male, 48 living in Texas. I have did the bull thing in the past when I was younger and wasn't in a relationship. It was fun, enjoyable, and always full of surprises. Why am I here? Good question...mostly to make friends and see what's up. I am not looking...
  19. JustHotWifeCouple

    Couple from the Netherlands

    We are Mixed Couple, The Lady (me) already have experience with black guys, while the cuck loves to watch and clean me up. We live our life to the maximum with lots of fun and enjoyment, by us RESPECT is a MUST... We like partying and going to nice clubs where sexy black guys attend ;)...
  20. ainhtaungshin


    we are just newbies in real black cuckold life ,but we already dated with some guys from our country and have many experience in books and videos.