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  2. C

    Femme fécondée

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    Une bonne grosse dose pour madame
  4. IMG_20170813_194757.jpg


    Fertile broodmare Interesting, that I have alt speaking tone, but when I'm screaming during orgasms, I used to reach soprano level.
  5. Blonde turns black 02

    Blonde turns black 02

    Hot blonde bombshell gets inseminated by a black cock.
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    I'm sure, that my udders will capable to breast-feed my prospective black baby.
  7. Tacosauce33

    Bbw Latina wife visiting Denver area

    We will be in Colorado in mid April for vacation. The wife and I would like to arrange a group BBC session. She will be completely open to anything asked of her…anal, ATM, DP, DV, oral, rimming, swallowing, cream pies are encouraged but it’s up to you where you blow your load but preferably deep...
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    I'll pull your hair and make you gag it
  9. SemperDominus

    Feel my strength

    I like the subtle act of overpowering you. Holding you down with one hand and pulling your panties off with the other. To handle you and be able to position you at will to my liking. To hear you moan and then you make the most wonderful noises when I forcefully insert myself into you as you're...
  10. sums up my week end.jpg

    sums up my week end.jpg

    spent a nice saturday night at the hotel. Pic is a gift from bull to husband
  11. Fill Her Up & Watch It Drip

    Fill Her Up & Watch It Drip

  12. bbw wants to sleep with a couple hung black men!

    bbw wants to sleep with a couple hung black men!

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  14. Aryanna Bosi inseminated by a black guy

    Aryanna Bosi inseminated by a black guy

    Italian dancers and actress Aryanna Bosi fucked and inseminated by a black guy in a sex tape.
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    Cuckolding and its critical moments

    When I think back to all my cuckolding and wifesharing adventures in the past there were only four moments which were for the cuckold both arousing and depressing and where I asked me if he can stand it or not: 1. When I started to give French or soul kisses to the black lover and his tongue...
  16. Best Creampie of 2017

    Best Creampie of 2017

    Insemination of white wife by Black.
  17. Brazilian couple with their Black Bull

    Brazilian couple with their Black Bull

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