1. T

    Newbie , Help & a better understanding of this crazy thing we are all attracted to

    First, let me start off by saying, I have tried burying my interest in this lifestyle several times. Nevertheless, it is sometimes the only thing that turns me on. I lay in bed for sleep and think of certain scenarios and situations and it almost brings me peace until I fall into rest. This...
  2. J

    Getting Girlfriend into lifestyle

    27M/30F Just above Averaged sized white boy with a petite 5’1 Blonde Girlfriend with a big arse living in the uk. Been watching interracial porn myself for a couple years now and have always fantasied about getting my girl interested in BBC but don’t know the best way of going about it, would...
  3. TransTvMicha

    German looking for a real BBC, refugees welcome

    I search Real BBC Migrants Refugees for Help and meets. München Munich Salzburg Kufstein Rosenheim
  4. L

    I need help throwing a Blacked/BBC themed party!

  5. G

    Girlfriend conversion to bbc

    Hello, I’ve been working on converting my girlfriend who’s really innocent to BBC. She has really high libido, and says that she only wants me. I’ve brought it up a few times and watched IR porn together, but only once or twice and its been a while, and recently I’ve purchased a BBC realistic...
  6. S

    The N word

    A guy I’m talking to wants me to say the N word when we have sex, I’m to big of a scaredy cat… lol
  7. J

    More videos?

    Does anyone know where to find more videos of them? Profile on iloveinterracial -
  8. J

    Source and where to find more?

    Does anyone know where to find more videos of them? Profile on iloveinterracial -
  9. P

    Progress and next ideas?

    My fiancee' finally knows I want her to be a Black cock slut. We have just ordered a isiah Maxwell replica dildo with harness and she can't wait to use it and has said she will have multiple orgasms on it. However, she is still VERY VERY reluctant to ever consider a REAL bbc and wants this to...
  10. travelingcucko

    How long did it take your wife to ******* with another man

    So long story short, wife and I have been discussing it for a few years but it feels like we never realllly had great opportunities! We capitalised on the few we had but she never went all the way. We (dirty) talked about finding a guy on tinder, B2W, or going to a swingers club but to be...
  11. H

    Dmm to convince ur wife

    Dmm to convince ur Mom/gf/wife/sis🔞 For cuk0ld. I'll Chat with her and make her a s1ut. Helped 14 guys till now.🔞 An expert in making girls reveal their true desires.. Direct message for consultations.
  12. BlackJaguar007

    Know Your Slut/hot Wife - Helping New Wanna Be Bulls

    Just simple advices from experience with various couples for long term if you really like your couple some might agree some not but I hope it help that's the main purpose after all to have all the parties enjoy to the max ;) When a woman finds a man who can eat pussy, (cunnilingus) she's found...
  13. Loverebel

    Online friendship

    I'm thirty-two and I've fantasized about in being a cuckhold to BBC since I was eighteen. Lately I've been accepting very well this fantasy that is already part of my sexuality but I often feel lonely. I need to talk to someone about this. I live in Spain but I'm looking for women anywhere in...
  14. A

    How to get started as a Hotwife

    Hi everyone. For those who don’t know me I’m Catherine…or Cath. I have been reading up on some threads and have decided that it’s my turn to… to go black. I will give you some details right here. I’m 23, married for 4 years with a dghter of 3. My husband often travels back home for work...
  15. Helping Hubby.png

    Helping Hubby.png

    Here I help put the BBC of one of my wife's bulls into her wet pussy.
  16. W

    Please HELP: First time BBC + possibly introducing him to my gf

  17. S

    Told I must wear condom... that came out of nowhere

    Last night, I mentioned to my wife that I’d like to focus only on pleasing her for the next few weeks (ie I go down on her and she doesn’t need to reciprocate). While I didn’t call out denial, it’s kinda what I implied. Fast forward to today and she mentions to me that we can have sex but only...
  18. L

    Hey! Aussie Young Cuck Hopefull! Help!

    Hey everyone! I’m 24, my partner she is 22, I’ve been trying to figure out how to convince her into the lifestyle, I think it would be possible as we’ve discussed threesomes before but not sure how she’d take me as her cuck.
  19. Y

    Idk what to do

    So .... I’ve been married to my wife for about 4 and a half years now (together 6).... when we first met we used to fuck like rabbits multiple times a day she says I had the biggest cock she’s ever had ( about 7.5-8” ) .... anyway our sex life was awesome we’d experiment with different things...
  20. 72E7E2D6-BFC0-4275-B383-DC93136F4152.jpeg


    need it