1. txxxblondeeehw

    HELPP!! Day after losing virginity and 1st cuckold experience

    Okay. I'm totally conflicted in my emotions and could use some advice. Summary of us. Boyfriend of 4 years expressed to me about a year ago his desire of being a maso cuck and slowly introduced me to this world of cuckolding. As probably the majority of females here I was totally unaware of the...
  2. 93D3AEE5-48AC-4870-B10C-7C6FFA6A083F.png


  3. 1

    My bbc investigative

    Hello all, My beautiful wife had a one night stand with a black guy years ago. I’m trying to piece together the night to my fantasy but might need some Help. I was wondering if you guys might be able to help me if I gave all the facts. Here is my wife; sexy?
  4. mark34277

    Question please advise..

    If I take my wife to a club with a spade tattoo slightly showing on her breast that has a room with predominantly black people, what can I expect? Will they approach her, me or both of us? Not sure how this works.. she thinks I'll be her pimp?
  5. O

    First time cuckold

    Can any husbands out there explain to me how you got your wife intetested with out it getting weird and how did you handle your experience? thinking about getting my girlfriend a BbC for xmas
  6. L

    23 year old couple seek suggestions for second BBC meeting scenario...

    I recently blew my boyfriends mind by fucking a black guy we met on this site. I wore a blind fold and sexy underwear and I bloody enjoyed it!! just wondered where we go from here? we're thinking themes for the next meeting or role play suggestions, can anyone help us out?
  7. bellnyc

    anyone have a friend (girl) of Wife/GF that helps get them laid?

    my Fiances newly single friend is the only one that knows i give my girl passes. she is recently intrigued and currently helping find guys for my Fiance to suck/fuck while she records. its so fuckin exciting just curious if anone else has something like this.
  8. Wannabecuck1989

    Need a tutor

    Young uk Midlands couple been dating 5 years , need help to convince her to try black. We have okay sex life but all I can think about is her with a black guy and I masterbate to this a lot ! She has made comments in the past that she likes how black guys dance and how they move and this tuned...
  9. bacool87

    help me

    hi I looking for the name of a region in usa it begins with the letter M the wives are fucked by blacks males I've seen photos and videos on the internet but I forget her name :help:
  10. N

    ANY Advice Appreciated

    Hey, So.. I'm 30 years old, Male, mixed (half black/white), About 7 inches fully erect, Married for 5 years (wife is mixed too, but 75% white, most wouldn't know she was mixed), Started watching cuckold porn, Ended up quite obsessed. Don't really watch anything else anymore. Think it...
  11. jtkirk52


    Any of you lady's in Iowa think you could convince my wife to try this lifestyle? We have discussed this fantasy for a while, we role play and use black toys. However I just don't think she will go for it on her own. Maybe another lady could help get her introduced to it, she is bi so maybe...