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    Her pussy was so wet love when the ass is so fat clapping on my thick black cock
  2. TL30

    what's your favorite part on a QOS's body?

    Eyes for me
  3. TL30

    have you ever had a BBC that made you cum under a min?

  4. TL30

    Ladies what's the greatest amount of times a BBC made you cum during a fuck session?

    Did you went back for more
  5. The Stroker

    Why Dont Black Girls Play?

    I've noticed that when I go to lifestyle clubs or parties if there are any Black women there, they rarely play. Mostly they sit in the cut and talk among themselves or they watch. This isn't always the case of course, there's a couple of well known Black women in the Miami area built like...
  6. 009jameswond


    I was told my dick is too small to be on this site. Could someone give me some feedback. What do you ladies couples & cucks think????
  7. R

    Why do some men participate in this, normally, all men are raised to be "masculine" but some develope this fatasy. What psychologicallypromotes this.

    Just curious about the demographics and behavior science behind this. Real and intelectual feedback only, not just some perversim manifesto mindset bull/cuck idealogy. I want some science facts as to why some people participate in and why some don't. I am sure it has to do with culture and how...
  8. Omarion501

    NSA BBC in Johannesburg

    Any white ladies from South Africa looking to fuck oral with the a BBC? I am young fresh black African dude from Johannesburg looking for white ladies or couple for BBC....
  9. A

    Choose or rate your favourite cock?Give reason to support.

    Which type of cock white wifes choose to have between their legs Pic 1 Pic 6 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 COMMENT
  10. C

    Why do you not verify?

    Not trying to cause any hate I’m just genuinely curious to what stops real people verifying. You see frustration quite a lot from people on here about not knowing if people are legit because they haven’t verified or being let down/lied to by non verified accounts. personally my gf doesn’t know...
  11. J

    Should your wife know you are putting her nudes online?

    Okay. This topic has been pissing me off a bit that there are wannabe cucks and real cucks. The real couples who want it to happen are fine and I have no problem with. The wannabe is the one I have the problem with. The problem is consent like why will you put a picture of your wife online with...
  12. R

    Are there any ladies into yoga, and meditation?

    I Know big black dick isn't all you're involved with, there are things about you that people who are familiar with you, or those you are around on a frequent basis, will never know. People rarely reveal their entire selfs, even to their children, and lovers. Meditation is about discovering, and...
  13. M


    I've seen a mass number of post wishing for a Bull a good slut, hotwife etc, as if there is a drout. Unless you live in Main or Wyoming this should not be a problem. So I ask In State or Out of State what do you prefer
  14. Boomerncactus

    B2w kik group

    We are a private group, primarily in the Charlotte and Atlanta area, but we have people from all over the US and Europe. We would like real verified people including couples and ladies looking for conversation, discussions, banter, and fun
  15. N


    I'm new to this cuckold seen just found it randomly on the internet one day just got so horny so fast it just turned me on Nick 20 I just love fact lady is getting fuck big black cock in front you. I just want to be cuckold by someone girlfriend isn't in to it just need someone to let me do it