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  1. Bigfishneo

    Question for White Couples!

    Hey there! How would a new BBC bull like myself go about approaching a white couple in public, where I find the wife attractive? I have a pretty good talk game but don't want to come across as offensive...should I engage the husband first and compliment him on his wife? (That's my inclination)...
  2. Cuckcouplecream

    Any couples looking to chat maybe play???

    Looking for fun flirty chat with couples or swapping experiences and general chat :) we are open minded and up for new things so please by all means send us a message
  3. Yardman

    First time flirting

    I can remember the first time I got my dear wife to flirt with another man in front of me, it was early in our openness phase. One of my biggest desires was to see her being checked out and picked up in a bar while I sat away from the action and observe her. It is a big turn on for me because I...