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    I can remember the first time I got my dear wife to flirt with another man in front of me, it was early in our openness phase. One of my biggest desires was to see her being checked out and picked up in a bar while I sat away from the action and observe her. It is a big turn on for me because I always love watching her talking to other people in bars and clubs. One night I finally got the pleasure of watching more than just talk unfolded before my very eyes. It was sexy smooth, in a dimly lit club with great music and a wonderful open mix crowd.

    On this particular night the wife and I went out to one of those trendy bar/clubs on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan, the atmosphere was great, the crowd mixed with sexy people and the music was pumping. Seating was very scarce so we had to share the comfy couch with another guy who was by himself. He was very sexy, younger than both my wife and I, maybe in his mid to late twenties, tall and muscular, well built. My dear wife have a special thing for young strong jock types who act mature and so after a while we all started talking.

    During the conversation a certain song came on and he asked my permission to dance with my wife to which I said sure no problem. We are all here to have fun so please enjoy and have fun. I watched as they danced to the pumping baseline and chatted with each other. I took special interest in their body language towards each other. After the dance we all chatted some more then my wife whispered to me that she was so turned on by him and I told her, not as much as I was after watching them dance together. I then told her over and over that she should make her move that it was OK with me and she should go for it and have fun. Finally after a couple of drinks she decided to show more of an interest in him and he started responding to that interest.

    They danced again but this time it was a lot more intense and intimate than before, they were closer together, making eye contact, cheeks touching at times and connecting with each other on a different level, a more sexual level. She ran her hands up and down his back and explored more of his body while they danced and he did the same to her much to my excitement. After the dance they returned to the table but this time I made sure they were sitting together and across from me, I wanted them together. We all continued talking, drinking and laughing, the conversion was a bit more of an intimate nature and then my wife placed her hand on his thighs and began to move them up and down in a caressing motion while we chatted. This action was obviously too much for the young man to take and all of a sudden they started kissing which caught me off guard because I looked away for only a second. It was one of those deep, long, wet kiss, right in front of me which caused me to start dripping in my pants, I was hard and I was turned on by both of them. They were like school kids on a first date in a movie theatre, her hands were on the inside of his legs moving up and down teasing his cock which was large and erecting. He at one point to took the opportunity to fondle her large 38DD breast right in front of me and I liked it. The night continued, with both of us taking turns dancing with, kissing and feeling up my dear wife, it was like tag team wrestling and she was enjoying being the centre of attention and loved telling me how big he is and much she wanted him inside her. I watched as he fingered by dear wife on the dance floor and as she grabbed and stroke her erect cock and I wanted to see him fuck her.

    The night ended with us exchanging numbers, he expressed a desire to see us again and we expressed our desire to see him again and we spoke about going on vacation. At home my wife and I had the best and longest night of sex which continued even during the next day but for some reason neither us nor the young man tried to make contact. That was the first and the last we saw of him and it was OK because we achieved our objectives that night.
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