1. cute amateur teen first bbc guidinghand

    cute amateur teen first bbc guidinghand

    cute amateur teen first bbc guidinghand
  2. S

    Advice sought - new young UK couple

    Hey guys and girls, So I would really like to get some advice on my current situation and re-introducing my girlfriend to the cuckold lifestyle. Apologies this will be a slightly lengthy post... We’re both young, athletic and fit professionals. My girlfriend used to be pretty slutty before we...
  3. Gf’s first bbc sucking

    Gf’s first bbc sucking

    Do you want your bbc sucked like this? And in riverside ca? Pm us also would you pay for the 7 minute video long video of this? Pm us we’re interested in paying for rent so testing the waters on possible video sales and/or pic package let us know thanks.
  4. Sydneybbc

    Ladys , on your last first bbc date. how much chit chat before fucking?

    Ok lady's I'm curious. On your last first BBC date how much chic chat or drinks did it take to break the ice? Or did your eyes meet and you both got naked and down to business? How long did it take before you had that cock inside you?
  5. fackton

    Do you still remember ?

    Do you still remember your first orgasm felt like with big cock ?
  6. rhymicmiss

    Other blacks: when did you very 1st noticed you like white gurls?

    In my case it was hella early.... Already at sleep overs while really young! What about you others?
  7. M

    Looking for my first bbc and a cuckold friendship

    Hey, We're just a regular mature couple from Germany, married since nearly 25 years. I'm 46 and bi sexual. My lovely husband Rolf is 50. Do you prefer mature, average and open minded people? Welcome! Since a while we both are very curious and hot about the cuckold lifestyle. Rolf has a tiny...
  8. M

    Looking for BBC in being the first for my wife

    Hello, we live in the Los Angeles area and started our sexual BBC fantasy 1 year ago. Since my birthday is coming up, my wife said to me that we can have a threesome as a gift for me. However, she also confessed to me along time ago that she has always had a thing for black men and at time...
  9. O

    First time cuckold

    Can any husbands out there explain to me how you got your wife intetested with out it getting weird and how did you handle your experience? thinking about getting my girlfriend a BbC for xmas
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    Indian wife getting her 1st BBC

    Me and my wife have been married for almost 15 years and this weekend she is getting her 1st bbc. This is our first time doing this and we are both very nervous and excited. She turned 41 last month, and this will be her first time with someone other than me. She was hesitant at first, but I...
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    Cuck sent to find her first black bull ever in the Pittsburgh Area... Calling all traveling bbc 2!

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    GF wants to test the waters. pics inside

    my girl has been open to bbc since back in highscool...although shes come close to getting some bbc to fuck her tight white pussy the guys never went all the way. she wants to know what all the bulls here think. tell us what you would do my pawg, dont hold back but be respectful. she would...
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    Washington DC or NYC BBC Bulls

    Seeking my first black Bull to Cuck my hubby If you are real and game lets talk We will be visiting Washington DC or NYC in Dec or Jan
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    My wife wants a White Slut Wife Mentor

    My Wife and I are beginning take our baby steps toward the first time She Cucks me and becomes involved with her first black bull (bull period) We doing such things now as searching for potiental right matches for our possible BBC bull, discussing when or what date we should do it, etc. One...